WoWS: TAP Insider News (12-XII-2016)

You s**t f*****g a****le Lesta!!!! Alabama is a reward for Supertesters whose service record in Supertester team is over 6 months, that never broke the NDA, and that have contributed a lot in helping the developers balancing the game. Great, first they reward them millions of credits, thousands of free experience, a free port slot, a free captain slot for each supertest ship, and now this s%#t that normal players will never be able to get…

Now this explained a lot why the ship has that stupid tentacle camouflage.

The Coordinators have given a strict new rule: should the supertest patchnotes be published outside, right after the update, all supertest member accounts will be temporarily suspended until one comes out and admits his/her doing, or everyone risks losing their supertester title.

Seb: Our insider has a high position in Wargaming, he might even go to WG Fest to scout for us. So he’ll not be affected. I am sorry for the poor supertesters suffering from NKVD-like measures! 🙁 I will try to have as many leaks as possible in retaliation. WG needs punishment. Also, WG trying to pump out fake leaks is not working that well in my poinion :mrgreen: