WoWS: TAP Insider News (6-XII-2016)

Not really a leak, but a nice insight into stuff.

-Seems like the Japanese Destroyer revamp was a disappointment. The torpedo boat line can not bloody act like torpedo boats, while the sub-branch that aims to be a gunboat line is happening to have a torpedo boat with Jesus-god-give-me-mercy torpwall (I thought Lesta was trying to get rid of torpwall few patches ago?) 16 torpedoes and acceptable guns for a tier 7, way better than the torpedo boat line <- Thanks to Asian ST weeaboos for crying Akizuki was underpowered but totally forgot this bloody annoying-POI-spam-in-chat-every-battle. They will be rebalanced one more time.

-There will be two new campaigns in 0.5.16 to be exact, the current ones will stay.
-A little adventure to Chinese WoWS and I was surprised that some of the Chinese I made contact with are owning a lot of supertester accounts, ready for rent. They will guide buyers from A to Z how to do all the tasks, what to do and not to do in supertest/live server. No selling unless you have proven yourself that you can be trusted and that you will not backstab them by reporting to Wargaming about selling/renting superester accounts.