TAP Update & On Wargaming Fest

Good morning everyone. Lately I didn’t have the best possible article quality, it’s because I have some big exams in this period (one is tomorrow). The hard ones end at the beginning of December, and also…

I was invited to attend Wargaming Fest in Moscow, from 15 to 18 December with a full-paid trip by plane & accomodation included. Yes, WG themselves invited me.

My response?

I said no.

Because, let’s be honest, I’d like to attend these events in order to meet my readers, and not many people from Russia read this site. I would prefer staying home and posting as much as I can cause I want to make up for this period of few/late articles. Also, there will be plenty of events to attend in the future too, and I’d like my first one to be in Europe. Plus, I don’t like that my country lacks any WG events. Why would I waste my time in Moscow when I could do something a lot more productive?

Going to Moscow also would mean that I would need to obtain a passport and a visa, which I don’t like since I would have to go to Bucharest, wasting a complete day in the process. And the time period means that the other authors would have a hard time replacing me.

I started this blog not to profit from such opportunities, but to provide as much important news as I can. And I honestly think I can be more efficient here than freezing in Moscow.



82 thoughts on “TAP Update & On Wargaming Fest

  1. You should express your wishes to WG. And going to moscow in december, yikes! Just wait till you get invited to a event in the eu. Less of a hassle as you only need your ID to travel as well.

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      1. I understand why you decided to decline the invite but wouldn’t it be good for you, and your work with TAP, to get to know personally some of the historical consultants?
        sure you can reach them through email, if they reply or not is another issue, but after “shaking hands” with them it would be easier to contact them if you had doubts about something you were working on, or even to “ask” them for a future colaboration in your blog?

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  2. Very cool they invited you, nice to see they are paying attention to the good guys!

    I would go anyways – who knows who youd meet, what insider info they five out, etc. But I respect your reasons for waiting for an EU opportunity.


    1. At first they were reluctant, but in the end they said it was my decision. Exams end before 15th.

      Who wouldn’t brag with a child that was invited to attend an event in Moscow?

      I’m an adult now… but that trip to get a visa is really not wanted to be honest.


  3. Well, I’d said it depends of your chances to meet WG devs there.

    My though would be to go there, not for the readers, but with the idea of meeting important WG staff. So they can put a face on your name, you show they you’re a good guy, which could lead to improved relationships with the company => maybe getting some leaks over time, being able to have exclusive Q&A, get bonus codes for contests among the readers or whatever.
    You should see this more like a diplomatic visit than a videogame event. ;)

    Finally, it’s free (FOOD INCLUDED HELL YEAH) and they will probably hire hot chicks for the event.

    However, I have no idea wether devs could be present there or in what consists this event.
    (sorry for poor English, it’s some of those “f*ck I’m dying morning”)

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  4. Felicitări! !!!
    Nu mă așteptam să refuzi.
    Mă bucur și Îți apreciezi decizia
    Da ai dreptate, destui români au pus destui bani și pasiune pentru jocul lor și ar trebui sa ne includă și pe noi în evenimentele lor.
    Poate pe viitor vom vor fi vremuri mai bune și aici mă refer măcar la un tanc românesc premium nu mai zic o linie intrega ( vorba aia ‘vise maica vise’ ).

    Congratulations! !!!
    I was not expecting to refuse.
    I’m happy and I appreciate the decision
    Yes you are right, enough Romanian put enough money and their passion for the game and should include us in their events.
    Maybe in the future we will be better times and here a Romania tank even at a premium not to mention an entire line (that saying ‘mother dreams dreams’).

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  5. I still think you should go.
    1/ You deserve it for being a huge contributor
    2/ You get to talk and potentially influence important people
    3/ Maybe you actually get connected better to cool russian people (more help/info)
    3/ Saying no might not make as big a statement to WG as you think even if it demonstrate your good intentions to us readers


    1. I wonder how drunk the PR guys must’ve been to even contemplate inviting you. You’re priding yourself with leaks (which you just take from other sites, most of the time not mentioning where it’s from and/or discrediting the source) and write you don’t trust Wargaming.


  6. I don’t think it matters too much on going to WG Fest, or not. Let’s see how the first one turns out, if it’s good, Seb you can think about going to the one on next year :)

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  7. Well I would make some lengthy comment about why you should go, but I won’t bother, I already had this conversation with you a month ago or when. :D

    I still expect you to go Maximum Overcharge in December. Do not disappoint me.

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  8. I honestly don’t blame you. If you were going though, I would’ve advised you to tread carefully while in Moscow. Russia is rife with ultranationalism and the slightest misstep could have you followed by plainclothes KGB agents.


          1. With these comments and you showing your true “facade” there won’t be much opportunities… “I don’t trust WG and Devs”, next day “Please WG read my copy paste blog and invite me to everything”… It’s like you are bipolar! one day you hate WG next day you love them and want them to love you back. I’m really surprised you were even invited, seems someone at WG EU is brain dead and doesn’t know you are the “copy and paste” king blogger that omits sources and literately just copy and pastes articles from other blogs/sites… How sad can you be? And most probably will delete all these negative comments… Now you have 4 days free, loads of time, go around the other blogs posting thumbs down and negative posts :D Even at that your quality is appalling.

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  9. Nice story seb but your story doesn’t quite add up. Filtering out the BS (and it doesn’t take long) – you don’t have a passport and cant be bothered to arrange that and a visa. I am asking myself what is the point of you even being here as a blogger when you C&P most of the content anyway.

    Then when you get an opp to actually attend an important event… you know, socialise, meet devs, meet community reps etc, actually do some proper work you insult WG and state that Russia is an irrelevant market for you anyway.

    Nobody expects you to deliver content “hot off the press” and your poor attempt to win sympathy by basically implying that you’d rather be posting on here because your loyalty is to your readers is frankly laughable.

    I read plenty of blogs and you know what. I want quality over quantity. I want honesty and integrity and to actually have respect for the author for the hard work they put in.

    I come here now simply to read the comments mocking your articles


    1. Can you name a wg blog that doesn’t copy and paste? From what I have seen all of them look identical.(no offense)

      How much news can a god damn game have? Enough for making 10 support pages with unique content?

      The only thing that sets them apart is the articles that doesn’t directly link to WoT itself. And tbh I barely read any of these.

      “I come here now simply to read the comments mocking your articles”

      What kind of disturbing freak does this? You have nothing better going on in your life than reading blogs? Even the ones you don’t like?

      Go start a better blog yourself. You clearly have the time and experience in reading blogs.

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      1. When you are talking about disturbing freaks, you don’t need to look far. Seb has a looooooooooooong history of being a dick to quite literally any other wargaming blog out there, both when he comments here and when he annoys people endlessly via skype, discord, PM whetever.

        Most of the time, he whines about “competition” or demands that people put in links to his site since they “stole” stuff from him. Pretty ironic that he of all people should complain about others not crediting him, nevermind that usually he isn’t the source of said article anyway.

        Now he’s trying to whiggle his way out of Russia / WG Fest with, and let’s be honest here, extremely lame excuses. Having a blog pretty much exclusively about Wargaming games, getting invited to their party all expenses covered and then decline but at the same time, brag about being invited. Totally reasonable approach? No. Way too big ego with way too little life experience? Yes.

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        1. It’s ironic that I care about my original leaks so they are not being stolen ;) Watermark ftw

          And I have laid out my reasons of not going pretty well. Maybe I just want to post more since you are the one annoyed about my articles.


            1. By doing that I encourage people to be creative and get their own info. You have to pay money in order to get access to gm3d.

              And some of my secret sources are also people inside WG or working with them. Please don’t assume everything is how you want it to be.


        2. I have no idea if any of this is true. But if it is, it’s quite fucked up. And I do agree not going to the WG fest makes little sense to me. That should be a main priority if it’s for the readers of the blog.

          All this drama with these Wot blogs kinda makes me want to go back where I could not be bothered to read any of it.


  10. “You have nothing better going on in your life than reading blogs?”

    that old chestnut. hmmm well… in between work, restoring a classic land rover, spending time with my wife, 3yr old son, playing WoT, clay shooting, building furniture from reclaimed timber, spending time with friends, holidays etc…. reading blogs takes minimal time from my life, but thanks for your consideration.

    “Even the ones you don’t like?”

    Its very entertaining reading the comments on this blog, so in that respect, i do like this blog… for its user base.

    “Go start a better blog yourself. You clearly have the time and experience in reading blogs”

    I don’t think I could make a better blog than *** and he will be going to Russia from what I understand.


    1. Firstly, I appreciate that your reply was civilized and well laid out. You see, the ones that mocked me in the comments of this article – and others, mainly complaining about sources are authors of other blogs (one is the author of another site) and people who only type whine comments. I stopped commenting on other blogs myself, but I think it’s a silly move to just come in and insult your competition like that, without showing them your name. I don’t delete all comments and I believe that some sources should be left confidential, cause, let’s be honest, most often you cannot tell out the source since several sites posted a thing. But I link sites way more often than a few months ago.

      Now, back to why I chose not to go. By staying home and not rushing articles (like now), I can improve their layout and author commentary. I feel that loyalty is the most important aspect of having a news blog, and since I write (or as you say, copy-paste) the site I want to read, I want content every day. Good content.

      Thanks again for the constructive rant.


      1. I like this site. TBH It’s the only site I go to with reliable news. even if you gather it from everywhere else, that simply means you have more news than other sites. and usually you try to keep your sources accurate. You’re no silentstalker, but you seem pretty good man.


      1. This comment reminds me of that lovely moment when a full health IS-3 reached our artillery and I ammo racked him from across the map.

        Hue, let me ask you this: how on Earth did you managed to fit a family, a (classic) Land Rover, a reclaimed timber furniture shop and a clay shooting range in your parents basement? Does it still have place for the cold fusion reactor you’re also working on?

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        1. Lol, the story about the IS3 is a figment of your imagination, a nice story non the less but I don’t really see how it fits in relation to my comment? explain please

          In answer to your question. I don’t actually live in my parents basement. I have a job and that pays for all I need. I assume you are asking because you ARE actually still living in your parents basement and want to know how to upgrade your surroundings.

          Well maybe I can give you some help there

          1. get out of your parents basement
          2. get a job
          3. stop making up stories about ammo racking IS3’s for attention
          4. seb doesn’t like you
          5. a clay shooting range, reclaimed furniture shop and a land rover (classic or not) will not all fit in one basement, unless you are talking about a HUGE basement, like MTV cribs HUGE – then yes
          6. cold fusion reactors in basements – i admire you imagination
          8. You do understand that its ok to have hobbies outside WoT (clay shooting, restoring old cars, building things rather than buying them – you know, using some skill to achieve something)

          hope this helps


          1. Indeed you dare, because, as explained above, you don’t read what you copy & paste here. If you did and maybe were a native speaker you’d know how wrong you are in the assumption that you’re grammer is impeccible.


  11. FFS you are deluded. How are WG trying to “impose” this on the community? They are inviting people to an event, the first of its kind. Many of the people going are also from EU sever group. Just because it’s in Russia, doesn’t mean it is a Russian only event.

    It’s a WarGaming event (generally) and you report on WarGaming related topics, news etc (generally)… what exactly is there not to “like” lol

    Well done genius. I too applaud your stance as an independent blogger, not going to a massive event like this to maintain your independence and credibility (hmmm not sure about the latter)

    Do you wear a tinfoil hat Seb?

    btw – anyone from WG who reads this (I don’t blame you if you don’t, its a miserable blog) – i’ll have Seb’s place and will take up his offer to report the event and report it back without prejudice or fear that you are secretly trying to invade my rear cavity.

    I think Seb truly believes that WG will gather all the talentless bloggers in a room and subject them to MKUltra techniques provided by Qwickebebe


  12. probably, why work when you can simply Copy/Paste

    honestly, slow clap.

    Its like a porn addict turning down a place at Adult Expo, all expenses paid with all you can eat pussy – because its a bit out of his way

    slow clap continue and probably will through the night



      1. Surprises such as you getting good at blogging?
        Or you getting honest about sources?
        Or you not harassing other blogs?

        That’d be the only things which would surprise me. Anything else will just mean the same shit as usual.


  13. Trebui sa o zic și o voi zice în limba romana
    Nu mă așteptam să văd cat de rai pot fi oameni cu voi .
    Pentru ca puneți articole aici pentru noi ăsta leneși și nu cereți nimic în schimb și eu sa îmi permit sa Îți vorbesc urat sau sa te mai iau la mișto ce ar putea sa spună genul ăsta de comportament despre mine.
    Sper în continuare sa puneți articole despre wot așa Cum știți voi căci sunt persoane care apreciază munca voastră și mă bucur sa cred ca nu sunt singurul.
    Știu sunt oamenințați rai dar bag mana în foc ca tot va vor citi articolele ca și mine în continuare iar dacă nu le convine ăsta e nu e o problema caci suntem romani cu frigidere mari de la artic’ și avem destul loc pentru carnea voastră
    Pe scurt Mersi pentru site și sper sa continuați cu munca voastră și va rog faceți și voi un cont patriot ca noi fi eu bogat dar și 10 lei acolo de o cafea nu măr deranja sa va cinstesc.

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    1. Mulțumesc pentru susținere. M-am gândit, și voi continua așa cum o voi face și până acum!

      Am făcut patreon mai demult, ei iau o parte din profit și aveam doar 10 dolari/lună. Nu îmi place să cerșesc! Din reclame fac mult mai mulți bani.


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