TAP Update & On Wargaming Fest

Good morning everyone. Lately I didn’t have the best possible article quality, it’s because I have some big exams in this period (one is tomorrow). The hard ones end at the beginning of December, and also…

I was invited to attend Wargaming Fest in Moscow, from 15 to 18 December with a full-paid trip by plane & accomodation included. Yes, WG themselves invited me.

My response?

I said no.

Because, let’s be honest, I’d like to attend these events in order to meet my readers, and not many people from Russia read this site. I would prefer staying home and posting as much as I can cause I want to make up for this period of few/late articles. Also, there will be plenty of events to attend in the future too, and I’d like my first one to be in Europe. Plus, I don’t like that my country lacks any WG events. Why would I waste my time in Moscow when I could do something a lot more productive?

Going to Moscow also would mean that I would need to obtain a passport and a visa, which I don’t like since I would have to go to Bucharest, wasting a complete day in the process. And the time period means that the other authors would have a hard time replacing me.

I started this blog not to profit from such opportunities, but to provide as much important news as I can. And I honestly think I can be more efficient here than freezing in Moscow.