WoWS: Missouri Update

Premium status has been applied to Missouri, now it can s**t money.

-TAP Insider


10 thoughts on “WoWS: Missouri Update

  1. It might be a long lasting campaign award for those that stick long enough and play a lot to get it. It smells awfully similar to a T55A in WoT

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        1. Problem is that we talking about free xp and you must play a lot, and I mean a LOT to get that amount. I can not wait to see some alive bots to get her on the first day with a lot of gold it does not worth…


  2. 125K seems way too cheap. Maybe that’s only for players that already own an Iowa?
    The general word right now is 800K, which does seem pretty crazy. But I thought I saw an article on here where they said that it costs around the same amount of free exp as it takes to free exp to the Baltimore (which is a bit under 500K).


  3. All ships that are being tested and are not yet released are classified as premium ships. What’s the actual news here?


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