[Video] 9.17 Update Armor Overmatch Mechanic Explained

A great video by Valachio, showing why it’s not exactly the best choice WG has made over the years.



87 thoughts on “[Video] 9.17 Update Armor Overmatch Mechanic Explained

  1. I was hoping for visual explanation of mechanic by WG, not for subjective “I liked these tanks, so please not” (which is useless anyway, since it will probably be balanced in a patch or two).

    Easier mechanics are good for players. It’s simple as that.

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    1. Closed Alpha to 9.16:
      “Uh-huh, my gun is 120mm, so I can overmatch 40mm armor. That side is 50mm, so goddamn it.”
      “Uh-huh, my gun is 120mm, so I can overmatch fuck knows what now, if at all.”

      In what way is this easier?
      So people wont need to calculate anything now because it all goes down to angle?
      Oh sure, its easier – just pray and hope for RNG to pen, instead of cold blooded math killing…

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    2. Valachio has good stats from farming damage but hes a true noob as a person. His utube channel has 3500 subs after several yrs which tells u about his personality. He also builds “luxury” watches in his moms basement. If a noob like him is against this IM all for it. Hes just a hsyterical unicum, but his mom is bringing him his binky.


          1. this is just a one-sided video. He could’ve mentioned the problems we have now with the current overmatching mechanics. Like an SU-152 shooting AP @ E75, hitting the engine deck @ 89° angle but overmatching it and dealing 700dmg to an E75 with 110pen. That’s just stupid as well


          2. oh please. Sabastianul you are a fucking moron. You should be grateful to anyone providing content to this shitty blog.

            Video is very valid and you have to be a idiot to not realize it.


      1. wowo Mark you sound like such an idiot. Valachio is 100x the player you are and you really don’t know shit about what he does with his free time.


  2. another cryer… it’s been a while since WG made a good move, so keep it…

    right now its totally stupid to see how some tanks get auto pen on the roof or lower plate just because some1 with a gun bigger than 120mm is aiming there.

    some meds/lts will get a buff? too bad, learn to aim to weak spots instead of random auto-aim or shooting the most extreme angle.

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      1. Valachio is the worst utuber EVER. Hes a young kid who thinks hes entitled to an opinion which means more because he has a high wn8 from farming. The fact that armored patrol posted this makes me think less of this wedsite.


      2. You people are fucking morons. The game is balanced due to these weak spots that are about to be removed. How are you kids so fucking stupid that you can’t comprehend the point of the video?


    1. What the… yes, overmatch is dumb system, but that doesn’t really matter here. What matters is that number of weakspots has been effectively removed from tanks and there are no signs of that being counter-balanced.

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  3. This change is a joke. They should buff specific armor areas that are problematic, but not make a blanket nerf to overmatching. Overmatching is what e100 do when they shoot AP thanks to its large caliber and hence an important skill. Now you must load heat and that is bad.

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    1. But also, they shouldn’t make something that defies laws of physics. When I saw that part when he shot BC with Foch, I almost cried. There is no fucking way that shell would penetrate in real life. At that angle, there is simply not enough penetration power because armor appears thicker when shell flies at some angle.

      Balance is okay, but something that defies laws of physics and common sense is not.


          1. KV-5 is still awesome. can’t believe people cry about it. I’ve overstated this and overstated it again. I got HT-15 1 and 2 in KV-5. It is not bad.


            1. Ekchem….
              *puts on glasses*

              2835 battles
              KD 2.6
              85.7% accuracy
              1963 Avg dmg (without gold, except last 30 battles)

              Dunno what my stats prove to you, but I guess you can see how wrong you are now.
              See? I can be nice, you bitchass fuck :)


    1. KV-5 already suffers enough with all the slight buffes to armor on vehicles that got reworked to HD. Remember being able to penetrate the hull of a T32? The LFP and MG-port of the Tiger II and both Jagdtigers? The LFP of the 112? They already reduced the size of the turretweakspots of the IS-6 and IS-3, now they remove them completely. Where am I supposed to shoot those tanks now?

      “Oh but they buffed KV-5, too when it got its HD-rework”. No, they did not. The buff didnt make the tank any better at all. In fact it made it even worse because people dont shoot the turret from the side anymore but rather the engine/fueltanks. Switched to premium fireextinguisher because of that. Every 3rd game I burn. And the R2D2 buff was not even noticeble.
      Oh and all the new premium tanks WG introduce have 200+ pen (AMX CDC, FV 4202 (P), Panther 8,8cm, Skorpion G, M4 Ravioli, T26E5, AMX M4 49, so they dont even have to shoot the R2D2 they can just shoot the big flat turretfront and pen. And lets face it: Tier 8 is full of those premium tanks.

      I used to play the KV-5 as a creditmaker. 10 Patches ago. And wasnt that what a tier 8 premium heavy is supposed to be? Well not anymore…
      I wont switch to a full APCR loadout since you still face lowertiers from time to time, but I load more and more gold these days.

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      1. Just play it like a massive overweight medium and rush unexpected spots early on, you won’t stand a chance brawling anymore, and playing it like a medium actually works, have been doing this for ~100 battles and raised the average damage per game from 1700 to 2000 in that period

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          1. Being able to reach 40km/h on a straight isn’t that bad, the thing is, nobody could aim properly if they see you rushing at them, driving in diagonal lines will basically screw their aim up.
            Also, I don’t seem to have much problems penning medium tanks, just aim for a bit and you can melt them away with the DPM


  4. Finally, no more sub 44%er bob in his IS-2\IS-1 auto-pening your hulldown T30 from 450meters away just becuz *poooooof magic* of the retarded overmatch mechanic we currently have.

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  5. LOL funny seeing pubbies like this change because they’ll get more troll bounces. And when somebody points out how bad this change is he’s a “cryer”.
    Right now overmatching rewards knowledge. It rewards players that know where they can pen tanks that are strong is some positions, mainly tanks in hulldown position and in facehug situations.

    More troll bounces will occur, have fun bouncing lights with 750 alpha guns, or not being able to clip Leo with your autoloader because you’ll bounce.

    First comment says “Easier mechanics are good for players. It’s simple as that.”
    Well overmatch was a simple mechanic.
    Now there are different autobounce angle for different calibers and it also depends on how thick armor you shoot at is I think. How is that more simple?

    Also, most of you don’t realize this, HEAT still keeps 85 degrees autobounce angle. So while AP and APCR is not capable of penning 140 turret overmatch, HEAT is. So premium ammo becomes stronger with this change. But you ain’t gonna whine about that are you? Here you can see it
    Rewind to 38:45 to see angles at which you can bounce engine decks. Ridiculous.

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    1. ” So while AP and APCR is not capable of penning 140 turret overmatch, HEAT is. ”

      …but HEAT doesn’t overmatch at all.


      1. It doesn’t but it can pen armor up to 85 degrees until it autobounces, currently on live server AP/APCR can pen up to 70 degrees, after that it will bounce unless it overmatches.

        Some thin highly angled armor that we are used to overmatch with AP/APCR can be penned by HEAT because the angle is less than 85 degrees, and the armor thickness isn’t enough even at this angle.


        1. Fair point. However, HEAT already struggled on many of those roofs and will continue to do so.

          The Chinese D-25-T gun with AP could easily hurt an IS-3 roof, while with HEAT it has a low chance due to the absurd multiplier from the extreme angle, giving armour values of 270-280mm, if it didn’t outright hit a 86 degree and bounce (the effective angling with overmatch in place was 45 degrees or less according to the modelviewer).

          HEAT from another tier X medium (330mm pen) barely has a chance to hurt the roof, except in very specific spots. Move a pixel too high or low and it just bounces again either due to angle or due to absurd EA. Check this comparison: http://test.tanks.gg/wot/tank/obj-140#tab:model.compare:obj-430;g000000

          So… no. I don’t think this will make HEAT effectively better. It sucked at dealing damage to roofs and it will continue to do so, purely because it doesn’t have the overmatch. You’re better off shooting those cupolas on IS-3 and Object 140.


          1. Yep, you are correct, HEAT is far from autopen, isn’t really gonna pen engine decks etc – but it gives you a chance.

            AP/APCR is just flat out autobounce on IS-4 turret for example. T29/30/34, I’d say before you had equal chance with 120mm+ guns to either overmatch or hit cupola, now you don’t have a chance to overmatch with AP so I’d just flatout load HEAT – either I hit cupola or hit the “overmatch” spotm firing AP my chances to pen are much lower.


            1. Eh, I’d still say that the HEAT is way too unreliable. A 112 has a 74% chance to pen the T34 roof with HEAT… if it again hits a very specific part. Otherwise that chance drops at least to 40% or even 11% (that’s the lowest I found). Adding in dispersion… not looking good.

              Personally, I’ll either fling HE at these tanks when they’re dug in or just bugger off.


  6. So he wants a tank like the tortoise to get easily overmatched on the roof hmmmmmm yeah fuck this guy! Then again he’s in bulba………just saying.


  7. If I were WG, I would get rid of the overmatch system, but exchange for something different. The American Scorpion has like what 1 to 3mm of armor? I have tested it out in the test server, but I hope that my shot from a Jagdpanzer E 100 won’t ricoshet off of it. Perhaps make a system that involves the shell’s mass, velocity, type, and other factors versus the armor?

    Just my twi cents here.

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  8. This is just WG attempting to increase the role of armor on the battlefield, they tried nerfing pen on SB, but that was garbage, and they can’t straight up increase armor values, so they tested new penetration and overmatch mechanics… This allows soft tanks to be a bit more forgiving than their heavily armored counterparts. I personally never really relied on the overmatch mechanics in my gameplay, so I don’t see it becoming a big issue, I do however drool at the idea of my KV-220-2, or similar “Apply Face Heavies” such as T-150 becoming even stronger…


    1. You also do nothing but seal club and don’t play tiers where there are many tanks who’s only available weakpoint is an overmatch roof. Overmatch means fuck all in tier5


  9. I wonder how this patch get through supertest
    I think some hot chick walked in and they all turned their heads
    It’s a bs change that only is part of the larger plan of making the game a lot more pay to win
    After the release of the OP premiums series, the thickening of armor that only begs for premium ammo, now they change the penetration mechanics in order to spam more gold
    I think the only way this game can be played anymore is sell all tanks and use only arty

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      1. Look few posts above. There is a video of 9.17 test server where you cannot pen 140’s roof with AP/APCR but you can with HEAT. So much for “nub using gold ammo” argument.

        Also I didn’t know you can overmatch enemies by autoaiming. I used to do this by aiming at really small weakspots, that I needed to know and I needed to know the caliber needed to overmatch. No aiming or brain needed to do this either.
        When I wanted to sidescrape in something with weak-ish side armor I needed to know if I don’t get overmatched. No brain needed here either.

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  10. I didn’t even watch the video as I know valachio is a good player that uses the overmatch system to his advantage, so naturally he’d be annoyed that WG is taking away another skill from the game.

    The old system was extremely simple. Caliber is more than 3x the armor thickness = autopen. Boom, simple. But apparently you guys can’t do 1st grade level math so WG is removing that system entirely for you.

    Pander to the garbage majority WG. Skill is bad, positioning is bad, understanding how to use the game mechanics to your advantage is bad. We need everyone to brawl at 100m in heavies with no weakpoints so the poor pubbies don’t have to position well to get bounces. I mean look at all the idiots who bitch about the maus armor but never even attempt to use it. Nearly every maus player I’ve ever run into just sit there, flat on to me, or autoaiming their turret at me during reloads instead of angling it. You pubbies make me sad

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    1. Step 1 – Dont watch video
      Step 2 – insult player who made video for being unicum in unicum clan
      Step 3 – insult WG for trying to improve game
      Step 4 – insult WG for not trying to improve game
      Step 5 – Insult all players who arent unicum scum, as pubbie scum. All players are scum.
      Step 6 – End with gripping story of *gasp* once killing a bad player

      This post is a classic. It can be copied and pasted for every single change WG makes, since it doesnt matter what the change is or who it affects. If youre a good player, he insults you. bad player, insulted. like the change, insulted. hate the change, insulted.

      This is the most genius shitter troll of all time! Skankhunt42 <3

      50 bucks says he doesnt even have wot installed.


  11. To the people who say the current system is unrealistic: overmatching how it is represented in WoT is not an unrealistic mechanic, its just oversimplified.
    A simple experiment you can do even at home: Take a sponge, put it on a talbe and now press it with your hand towards the table. Notice something? The walls of the sponge move towards the outside. Now imagine your hand is the projectile, the sponge is a piece of armor and the table is the neighbouring piece of armor providing alot of resistence in the original direction of impact but not to the sides (towards the inside of the vehicle).

    Have a look at this video
    and notice what happens at 0:37 when the bullet hits the plate close to the edge, resulting in catastrophic failure. This is what would happen if you hit a thin armor plate with a high force.

    By dumping the system down even more it becomes less realistic.
    A lot of tanks become stronger because their weakspots get removed especially Russian tanks like the IS-3, IS-6, IS-4, Obj140, Obj907.
    There will be more rage because your ISU failed to pen a 13 90. Etc.
    The balance just gets screwed up.

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  12. They are introducing this because of the swedish td’s they have 20 to 40 mm of hull armor at a very steep angle. but because of the (in my opinion stupid overmatch rule) they would be overmatched by all the 120mm+ guns.. and that would make it wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too easy to pen those tanks..

    And come on guys, how super irritating is it when you are in a super heavy like the IS4 with a very very good turret, hull down shooting at the enemy.. like this tank is supposed to do.. and you get auto pennend by scubs with big guns in your roof when they are hitting it on such lame autobounche angles.. i think it’s utter unrealistic when someone hits your turret roof at an angle of let’s say 170 degrees.. and they pen!!! that’s pure gold horse manure..

    So i’m glad they are introducing this.. makes the game somewhat more realistic for me.. and makes some turrets stronger. so they can finally hull down with the tank and not get auto penned.


    1. If you are hulldown in your IS-4 and you are getting overmatched into the roof, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS POINT YOUR GUN UP AND WIGGLE. It’s that simple, maybe someone will sneak a shot into you but majority of people will either miss or give up.

      If that is too much of a hassle for you, you deserve to get penetrated.

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      1. That requires active thought. We all know the average heavy player isn’t even capable of sidescraping, why would they think of something so insanely complex as wiggling and using the gun barrel to block shots?? Impossible.

        I do love how every shitter wants to be impenetrable, but then also want to pen everything they face.

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      2. it’s a dumb mechanic, so we should not deal with it in the first place.
        if a ap shell or apcr shell hits a tank at almost 90 degrees it should never ever pen.. so it’s fucking stupid that all i have to do is not be pennend is point my gun up? piss off butthurt noob, go learn some skill.. because auto penning a hulldown is4 on the roof with a 75+ degree angle is just not possible.. and lame (aka you don’t need skill to do it..)

        so it’s not a question about too much hassle, it’s about it’s fucking stupid to begin with.. good riddance.


        1. Ah, so aiming for small weakspot that I need to know it’s there is not skill.

          Nice to see you even supported your argument by “piss off butthurt noob, go learn some skill”. I give up, you won.

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          1. And mr Woolgun, knowing weakspots it not skill, it’s just knowledge..

            And the upper plate of the IS4 is not a weakspot, it was made to because of the stupid overmatch mechanic. and you little cry baby’s are just butthurt it’s going away.


        2. Link your stats please soifon. I can’t wait to see what shade of green shit you are. I say green because greens tend to pretend they know something, while having the ego of a purple without anything to back it up.

          A textbook HT player that wants to be impenetrable with zero effort

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  13. Am i the only who noticed that in the comparison videos they intentionally shot the tank that has been changed on spots that were autobounce anyway?!

    I understand that he is upset, heck, maybe even butthurt, but making his argument look plausible by faking actual facts is just unacceptable.

    I say that if he doesn’t like the new changes, then stop playing WoT instead of whining like a little bitch. -_-


    1. With current overmatch mechanics those spots aren’t autobounce. 120mm main gun is 3 times thicker than the 30mm hull and turret roof of the Object 140 so it’s autopen no matter what angle you hit it. If you don’t believe me go into a training battle and try it out yourself.

      Care to explain where was he “whining like a little bitch”? He’s got a valid pont and explained it clearly. Only people I can see whining are the players who got offended by this video.


      1. Okay, how about checking the comparison shots in the 9.17 version, where the FV aimed and where the shots hit/bounced. Little help: on the edges, so they would bounce anyway.

        As for your complaint, I’m only voicing my general feelings of teh video.
        I started watching it with no previous thoughts of it, but in the end I felt completely as if it was whining.

        But, you know man, that’s just, like, my opinion.


          1. In my opinion you should reconsider taking elementary school again, since you obviously lack both the cognitive and grammatical powers to understand what other people’s opinions and thoughts mean, as well as the fact how making such statements reflect much more, for example, how immature and unfit you are to be present anywhere, except in a kindergarten.

            Good day, sir.

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  14. Valachio is good at farming damage, but as a person hes a noob and an idiot. If a UNICUM like him whos good at farming damage is against this, I AM ALL FOR IT!!!!!! Plus, he has 3,500 subscribers so his opinion is MEANINGLESS. Its not like this is QUICKYBABY. Valachio is such a moron he makes watches in his moms basement.


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