WoWS 5.15 Captain skill changes & More

1.) You can train the captain with free exp:

2.) Missouri has radar added (35 second duration, appears to be the same as Baltimore’s) and rudder shift reduced to 19.4 seconds
3.) New skills (max point limit for skills is now 4, all 5-point skills reworked to lower point values):

Thanks to Urakaze for compiling.

1st Row skills:

Defense tree
-On the mark, shows the number of enemies aiming at you
-Preventive maintenance, -30% chance of module incapacitation
Offense tree
-Expert loader, -50% to ammo swap speed
-Aircraft servicing expert, -10% to servicing time of carrier-based aircrafts, +5% to HP of carrier-based aircrafts
Support tree
-Smoke for the god of fog. +20% to smoke screen radius
-Dogfight, +10% to fighter’s loadout, +10% per tier to DPS dealt towards fighters of a higher tier
Special Ops tree
-Incoming fire alert, alerts player of incoming long range enemy fire (with a shell flight time >6 seconds)
-Evasive maneuver, -40% to detectability of carrier-based bombers returning to carrier, +15% to survivability of carrier-based bombers returning to carrier, -10% to max speed of carrier-based bombers returning to carrier (debuff)
2nd row skills:
Defense tree
-Basics of survivability, -15% to time of firefighting, recovery from flooding and module incapacitations
-Jack of all trades, -5% to consumables reload rate
Offense tree
-Torpedo Acceleration, +5 knots to torpedo speed, -20% to torpedo range
-Expert marksman, +2.5°/sec to traverse speed of guns with caliber up to 139mm. +0.7°/sec to traverse speed of guns with caliber above 139mm
Support tree
-Two is better, sends 2 catapult fighters or spotter plane per activation of the consumable, +20% cruise speed of catapult aircraft
-Expert rear gunner, +10% to DPS of self-defence armament for aircraft with rear gunner(s)
Special Ops tree
Last Chance, -0.1% of reload time for all weapons per 1% HP loss
-Last Stand, allows ship to maneuver with incapacitated rudder and engine
3rd row skills:
Defense tree
-Firefighters, -7% to risk of fire
-High alert, -10% to reload time of damage control party
Offense tree
-Torpedo experts, -10% to reload time of torpedoes, -20% to servicing time of carrier-based torpedo bombers
-Firey takeoff, allows planes to take off and land even when the carrier deck is on fire
Support tree 
-Basic fire training, -10% to reload time of all secondaries and main guns with caliber up to and including 139mm, +20% to DPS of AA guns
-Superintendent, +1 charge to all consumables
Special Ops tree
-Demolition Expert, +3% to chance of fire for HE shells and bombs
-Vigilance, +25% to detection range of enemy torpedoes
4th row skills:
Defense tree:
-Manual fire control for secondary armament, fires only at manually selected targets, -15% to dispersion of secondaries of Tier I-VI ships, -60% to dispersion of secondaries of Tier VII-X ships
-Survival Expert, +400 HP per ship tier
Offense tree:
-HEAP (High-Explosive-Armour-Piercing), +25% of penetration for main and secondary gun HE shells , -6% of chance of fire for main and secondary gun HE shells
-Air Supremacy, +1 fighter per squadron, +1 dive bomber per squadron
Support tree:
-Advanced fire training, +20% to firing range of all secondary guns and main guns with a caliber of up to 139mm, +20% to firing range of AA guns
-Manual fire control for AA armament, fires only at manually selected targets, +100% DPS of AA guns with a caliber of 85mm or above
Special Ops tree:
-Keen Intuition, displays, only to you, the direction of the nearest enemy to your ship, even if the enemies are not spotted
-Concealment Expert, -16% detectability of CVs, -14% detectability of BBs, -12% detectability of CA/CLs, -10% detectability of DDs

35 thoughts on “WoWS 5.15 Captain skill changes & More

    1. I don’t like it. Too much noob-friendly, it removes the skull in hunting concealed ships.
      DDs will lose a lot of their ambush stealth torp potential, which is a big part of their gameplay. WG should stop its war against DDs. All we’ll get with this is:
      -more BBs in games as they will know from where will come salvoes. (same for carriers when caugh by a DD)
      -anything sitting still in smoke will be very easily shot/torpedoed.


  1. lol at the first skill.

    Gremmies and OPrators will constantly see 15 people looking at them; all 12 enemies and 3 allies oogling the ship with envy/jealousy


  2. Additionally, turbokek at the P2W-version Iowa, completely shitting all over cruisers by managing to be faster, stronger, more range, more AA and now comes with a radar.

    I joked that the Iowa was the best tierX CA before, but now it’s not even a joke anymore.
    Yours for only 149€ :^)


  3. Saw it earlier on the chinese sources and I was a bit worried, now you guys published it with the default reliable source.

    Basics of survivability as tier 2 is a huge nerf since there’s nothing cool on tier 1 anymore.
    Basic Fire Training on tier 3 is another nerf, it got a buff in AA but hey, it was a tier 1 now its a tier 3 skill, and it’s the second most used tier 1 skill.
    Firefighters was a bad option for tier 2 skill now its tier 3, lol?
    Expert rear gunner was a bad option for tier 1 since the boost is barely noticeable now its tier 2 with the same status.

    Now let’s wait for the official patch notes for the PT next week, some of those skills looks good, some need testing and some are total bullshit.

    And I can agree with other’s guys in the comments: the post lacks a bit of formatting.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I know, most are just machine translation.

        They posted some info on some missions that will come with 0.5.15 and it’s hard to guess the requirements, since it looks like the “personal missions” from wot I am expecting something like that.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. What source? This is from a Chinese source, and Seb didn’t tell us where is coming from! Also my comments are getting deleted for some reason?


                1. I will delete all of “andy”‘s comments since he did not bother to hide his IP. I know who you are, and I told you to stay away from my site or my friends. Go to the other blog, it is way popular and never posts sources.


  4. “Special Ops tree:
    -Keen Intuition, displays, only to you, the direction of the nearest enemy to your ship, even if the enemies are not spotted”

    WTF. This is, by far, the single most stupid idea in the history of ever. Not only are concealment-ships fucked over hard by that, but also smokers and island-ambushers. WTF are they thinking?!


    1. Well… first it is very strong assumption that anyone there is thinking… but i can bet that soon (just in few years) cries of players will reach that dozens of last brain cells that they still have, and new skill will be born – with Counter Intuition – player will stay undetected, even if should be spotted :)


  5. First of all, thank you for the good post :) However I won`t say 100%, but I think this new skill tree won`t be true. I checked this leak from which also had images of new skill tree, I worked with photoshop and found some stuff weird. For example, till now all airplane related skills used same image but on the new still tree image, new skills such as ‘Evasive maneuver’ and ‘Two is better’ have different plane images, which are came from service_lib.swf . Also some skills like ‘Keen intuition’, makes me wonder how we can do ambush and stealth play.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I do not like the new skills nor the resorting for same reasons like others mentioned above already, but I do like the fact we will be able to use free xp to train captains, and an elite capt still generates xp which can be used again.
    This is far better use than spending it on tree grinding or a Missouri to my taste …
    my 2 cents


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