9.17 Tidbits

Starting with the 9.17 update, the game alone will detect surround systems (5.1 / 7.1). You will also be able to test and adjust your speaker settings from within the game, regardless of the system that you use.

Also, how the Swede tree looks:

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17 thoughts on “9.17 Tidbits

          1. All slow tanks spawn in a pile in the middle of the map.

            The same pile, regardless of team. Then the fast tanks would have to rush to save their slow tanks.


            1. That sounds like a nice funmode – 15 arties spawned in the middle of a field in some kind of bowl (so they can’t be simple killed by camo sniping), 15 LT’s spawned in a circle around them. No caps, just big brawl in the middle.

              Normal mode with slow tanks in the middle – nope, sounds like terrible idea. IMO anyway.

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    1. No, it is simply progress from Tier I.
      Same situation is present for other Countries with few lines in Tech tree at the moment (If i remember correctly, China or Japan looks similar)


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