On Missouri Horrible XP Cost

Info from an insider.

The amount of free EXP you need to obtain Missouri would be enough to free your way to tier 9 Baltimore, given that you do the shortest path, skip all the module upgrades. Either fake or not, it’s a win-win for WG and a no-win for players, you should start praying super containers to drop more free exp than those useless signals. Number of Free exp may be different on some servers. 

The ship currently does NOT have premium status despite being listed as premium, the only thing you can do with it is to be able to retrain your American captains without penalty.

“Crazy farm rate” is also a lie.

Seagal’s nationality in the future can be switched to Russian. I think it was a joke rather than a serious plan.


13 thoughts on “On Missouri Horrible XP Cost

  1. I only play German, like WoT so this means little.. However I am seeing a disturbing tread in WoWs where getting anything is outrageous now. Sort of like WoT, year after year what you can play to win is getting more and more useless and there is less of it.


    1. Isn’t 800k xp around 60€ to convert? That would be a logical step up to the 40-50€ for a tier8.

      While I think it’s greedy as fuck, it does have the slight benefit of not allowing randombobs to just credit card their way to it day 1.

      Tier9 battles are a whole other beast than tier8; gone are the ballsy attacks and aggressive plays. Tier9 battles are all about that bow camping max range sniping. Put a handful of people who’ve never played in a team, and you got yourself a lost match 90% of the time, no matter if they’re top tier or not.

      So I disagree with the ridiculous price, but not necessarily the method.

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      1. Eh no, I think it’s around 32k gold to convert 800k free exp, which is about 128$ or around 120€. I could be wrong about price conversion but surely it’s gonna cost 3 times the price of a tier8 prem for a ship that doesn’t earn extra credits.

        The Iowa itself isn’t that great of a ship anyway, I’d say the NC is better tier for tier (and there’s still possibility of the Alabama being a prem).


        1. In that case, I double disagree with the pricing x’D

          Also, the Iowa is pretty amazing.
          Great penetration on the guns, diabolical AA, more speed than some cruisers, and bow tanking is a real possibility.
          The only real downside is a citadel that’s higher than IRL. It’s a way better ship than the Izumo, and would be downright better than the Friedrich if the latter wasn’t a “herp derp I has balanced turtlzback lololol superior German engineering” slap in the face of balance.


      2. Randombobs. You know there are people who have played this game a long long long ass time who don’t have that kind of money to throw at the game. Randombob is just a bullshot term because anyone with enough money will still get it. So I really have no idea where you think people won’t just buy it that have no clue what to do with it.


        1. Well if you gave it more than a half second of thought before being triggered by a word, you’d realize that to get free xp, you need to play the game.

          Even with flags, camo, a premium ship and a premium account, 800k xp isn’t something you breeze through in a few battles. Best case scenario with a huge WR and large xp gains due to carrying, with everything I just listed active, that’s over 100 games played.

          More realistically, for someone just starting out, getting 800k xp in order to convert to get the Iowa is well over 400 games.
          Enough to learn a thing or two, even if it’s just bow camping at max range. That’s still better than not even knowing you can press “W” more than once to move faster than 1/4th speed.

          Also, somewhere along the line, you get the idea that I was for the horrid pricing.
          I agree that my wording was extremely confusing, after all, the quote “So I disagree with the ridiculous price” could very well be misinterpreted as me agreeing to the price.
          /sarcasm so heavy it needs two seats on an airplane


  2. Don’t want the ship so it does not matter to me but the numbers and prices of premium ships is getting worse. I am enjoying the British tree. Slow work but fun.


  3. Based on this “insider”, that means that Missouri would cost ~500K free exp (since the minimum free exp to get to Baltimore is 478,450). Still a metric fuckton of free exp (means that you’ll still have to spend $ to convert it), but if this is true, then it’s not a horrible as we once thought. Also, still hoping that it’ll be cheaper for people who’ve researched/own an Iowa already.


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