Official German DDs Pictures (+ Graf Spee)

Tier II, V-25:

Tier III, G-101:

Tier IV, V-170:

Tier V, T-22:

Tier VI, Ernst Gaede:

Tier VII, Leberecht Maass:

Tier VIII, Z-23:

Tier IX, Z-46:

Tier X, Z-52:

Graf Spee:

Oleg (Tier III upcoming premium cruiser):


8 thoughts on “Official German DDs Pictures (+ Graf Spee)

  1. Was waiting for the Italian line to jump on board with DDs. But I guess this is as good a starting point as any.


  2. Wonder if the Graf Spee will get sold with a special French flag?
    Cause didn’t they fly one to deceive the allies?.


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