WoWS: German DDs Revealed

The models finally arrived on gamemodels3d :)

Tier 2: V-25

Tier 3 German DD “G-101”

Tier 4 German DD “V-170”

Tier 5 German DD “T-22”

Tier 6 German DD “ERNST GAEDE”

Tier 7 German DD is excluded from video – no data.

Tier 8 German DD “Z-23”

Tier 9 German DD “Z-46”

Tier 10 German DD “Z-52”


12 thoughts on “WoWS: German DDs Revealed

  1. wow.. Some of them will have a lot of hitpoints.
    The Tier 6 gets more hp than the Blyskawica, which is currently known as the DD with the best hp of its Tier.


  2. whats the thing for the german dds? i think they have the smallest torps? i mean the russian tier 10 has more hp. unfortunately the tier 6 and 8 cant use aft or bft due to their guns being too big same with expert marksman.


  3. Germany is known for convoy raiding so I’m guessing high rof guns with decent damage and medium range along with smaller, faster and weaker torps.


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