WoT – How it works : vehicle spotting


7 thoughts on “WoT – How it works : vehicle spotting

  1. Another thing i would like to know is why they nerfed the profits of premium tanks ?!
    I did 3k damage with t34, spotted 2k and got 55k credits, from that profit was only 30k


    1. They haven’t done that. You probably shot at and/or spotted equal tier, or lower tier, tanks. Do the same against equal or higher tier tanks and you will see higher profits.


      1. it was a tier 9 battle and shots were all from about 100 or less meters … and that is the most shocking thing.
        And even if i shot only tier 8 tanks that should have given me at least 70k credits.
        Same thing happens with Lowe.

        When i play tanks like STA-2 and i do 3k damage i usually get 75k or ever higher ! Profit !.
        And i think it’s not easier to do 3k damage with Lowe or T34 because they are slow and squishy.

        I remember i was able to get 180k credits with T34 years back when i bought it… now i don’t even play it to farm credits because tanks like JgTige 88 do it 3x better.


  2. the whole idea to spot tenk so others can shoot without getting spotted themselves is a big issue in wot and a core problem. That is why many changes has revolved around spotting and accuracy. Nobody likes to get shot by targets they cant shoot back and, or get shot before they reach their fighting spots.

    To prevent this, many stop moving entierly (camping).


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