Update 9.17: Supertest Patchnotes

Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary set of features for 9.17. The final set will be revealed just before release.


Update 9.17 is now officially underway and with it comes a full line-up of new features and content: two branches of Swedish tanks, overhauled ricochet and overmatch mechanics, a few new HD vehicles, reworked minimaps, and other tidbits. While teams across the studio are diligently getting the game ready for the Supertest, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on each of the upcoming additions. Let’s get to it.

Supertest is a process of testing a project at the early stages of completion. In it, we’re checking whether a new version works and sniffing out the most critical issues. For World of Tanks, this is divided into two stages: first there are production tests of individual features, which happen during feature development (testing a new map, balancing a new vehicle, etc.); secondly, there are the version tests of full releases. Supertests are a great way of figuring out how game content works in a live environment with a small player pool. Usually, Supertests happen a month and a half before release.

If version Supertests prove that the features are ready, it’s onto Common Tests.

Swedish Tanks

Coming off the production line in 9.17 is a branch of Swedish tank destroyers. All lightly armored, and therefore swift and mobile (unlike the majority of tank destroyers currently in the game), these newcomers will be able to occupy favourable positions first, deal solid damage with their powerful guns, and stay hidden thanks to their low silhouettes. As if that wasn’t enough, tiers VIII–X have hydro-pneumatic suspension and can adjust their gun traverse and gun using their hulls. They bring some extra heat to the battlefield as they all feature two modes: travel and firing. Intrigued? Well, we were. So, we caught up with the Game Balance Team to get some extra details and offer you a sneak peek of the Swedish TDs:

Another, hybrid branch starts with the first armored vehicles ever built by the Swedes, the light Strv fm/21, and introduces a variety of medium and heavy tanks. The three classic medium tanks revving their engines on tiers II–IV (Strv m/38, Strv m/40L, and Lago) are dynamic universal soldiers with good elevation arcs, perfect for newer tankers honing their combat skills and tactics.

Then, the real fun begins with the Strv m/42 (Tier V). Featuring exceptionally good gun depression (-15°), this mobile vehicle is a genuine stealth master, capable of picking off enemies and staying completely hidden on uneven terrain.

The Tier VI Strv 74 makes up for its poor mobility and thin armor with a powerful gun. Thanks to great gun depression (-15°) of Swedish tanks, it can take opponents out from afar and remain hidden. Prowling Tier VII is Leo who boasts the best dynamics and the biggest alpha damage for its tier, but lacks maneuverability and armor.

Sitting proud at tiers VIII–X, Swedish heavy tanks sport well-protected turrets, autoloader guns, and the nation’s trademark gun depression, inspiring new tactics, gameplay, and clever use of the landscape. The Tier VIII Emil I is a tough nut to crack due to its thick frontal armor, decent mobility and speed, combined with an autoloader gun. Comparable to the AMX 50 120, the Tier IX Emil II outperforms its French brethren when it comes to frontal turret armor, and has better gun depression. Crowning the branch is Kranvagn with its well-armored turret, autoloader gun and excellent gun depression.

Revised Overmatch Mechanics

Hot on the tracks of the arrival of Swedish tanks comes a change to how ricochets function within the overmatch mechanic. Replacing the current system will be a single, simpler mechanic that takes into account both the impact angle and the shell caliber. This will boost the combat efficiency of highly-sloped tanks, including Swedish tank destroyers.

With the impact angle included into the equation, overmatch will result in more normalization and a greater ricochet angle. The latter will depend on the caliber/nominal armor thickness ratio. Formulas asides, you’ll be able to bounce high caliber shells with thin, but highly sloped armor if the impact angle is large, and be able to penetrate well-armored vehicles with shells that aren’t x3 the armor thickness, if they strike the armor at a small impact angle.

Changes to Premium Tanks

The work on game balance is in full swing. And with the salvo of tweaks coming in 9.17 we’ll improve combat parameters of significantly underperforming Premium tanks. Thanks for being vocal about them! Your feedback combined with battle stats were instrumental in fine-tuning their characteristics.


On the sound stage, we’re back at it with a few improvements:

  • Those of you with 5.1\7.1 acoustic systems will get a preset available in the game Settings Screen
  • Locking onto a target will be followed by a sound notification
  • Finally, forget about going all the way to the Controls panel to turn a mic on; beginning in 9.17, you will be able to do it in the Sound tab

New Minimaps

Another seven minimaps are getting remastered visuals: Karelia, Pilsen, Sand River, Mountain Pass, Tundra, Windstorm, Winter Himmelsdorf. Get a first look in the gallery below:

HD Models

If you like how your tanks look in high definition, explore the fresh set of 11 vehicles that will be getting their HD models in 9.17:




29 thoughts on “Update 9.17: Supertest Patchnotes

  1. “You’ll be able to bounce high caliber shells with thin, but highly sloped armor.”
    *remembers bouncing a car window with 125mm APFSDS*
    Hm, that whole paper armor/big gun stuff is really hilarious.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m still torn on that change – we need more info on how the formula/calculations work. And yes, it’s buff to russian tanks because many of them have weak turret roofs, at the same time, 122mm guns were capable of overmatching 40mm of armor when 120mm guns couldn’t, so in that regards it’s a “nerf”.

      Another question is if it’s gonna make the skill gap larger or smaller. On one hand you can’t use knowledge of which tanks you can reliably overmatch, number of trollbounces will increase and some hulldown tanks will become ultra strong (IS-3/4, 140/430, T29), on the other hand it’ll allow for sidescraping with paper tanks and if the calculations are easy enough, you might be able to work out if you can pen tanks in battles themselves.

      I’ll reserve my judgement till they explain it further.


    2. Roof of T29, T34, T30, M103, Lower side armor of T110e5, e4, e3, T57

      Just Russians, right. Evil Evil Russians and their bias!!


      1. Yeah right, like the game is filled with tanks that are able to triple overmatch 44mm thick armour and tall enough tanks with 120mm+ guns to overmatch the roof of the other American heavies…


      1. Yes but month ago a second buff was announced, i meant that one (huge cheek armor huff + front + side buff and new derp gun). The 9.15 buff was not enough. It made the tank atleast playable but its still UP and needs da buffs.

        These are not full patch notes however, so there is that.


  2. Now wz-111 will be buffed nicely. And T-34-3 still cries in the corner with its cripling module dmg , retarded gun and paper hull with no mobility…. FeelsBadMan

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh boy.
    This new bounce calculation sounds tricky to me. What’s teh catch?
    Also, the STA-2’s buff is finally here, it was about damn time!


  4. really happy about the buffs they mentioned especially for the lowe now we just need to know how big of a front armor buff that will be because if its just increased up to 140mm from 120 that wont be enough to make that tank good it needs to be at least 160 if not more because tier 6 meds like the type 58 being able to pen a tier 8 ht frontally was just sad. the gun depression buff is great and will make the tank feel less awkward than it does now because a tank as tall as that with 8 degrees of gun dep is real awkward in a lot of maps. turret buffs should be good too if they are substantial but i think maybe 0.5 added to the rounds per minute (so 5.5 rof) would still be needed for that tank because the reload is still too long. it cant put out the damage when it gets to the fight fast enough so it will either get there when the teams died or just get left behind.

    good news about the wz111 as well because that tank definitely felt weak after the 112 buff i faced 112s a lot in mine and trying to win against 1 when they can pen you with near every shot is difficult. you need to hit just the cupolas because your pen cant even get close to going through the front armor and the side armor was too good to go through in most cases. while they can just hit the lower plate of your tank and just shred your hp while your lucky to get 2 shots that do damage.

    the mediums good for them overall the panther 88 and the m4m rev in particular should feel much faster now than before same with the sta 2. the fv4202 is the biggest one for me though because a profitability buff along with some extra speed which removes its main weakness vs the cent 1 is just awesome. that will hopefully make that tank much more playable in tier 10 games because right now it really struggles vs tier 10s because it cant get to the flanks and get shots in.

    overall these buffs seem good we just need to see how big some of the buffs are at this point to decide whether or not they are enough or too much or if they will just make the tank competitive. its nice to see wg are actually fixing some of the weaker prems instead of just letting them fall in to obscurity. (it makes sense the better they are the more money they can make from them)


  5. What is the point of buffing armor to the point where people will just shoot gold? Kv4 sure have good armor, but any tier 7 and 8 MT can just autopen the whole front, even if alightly angled with apcr, even the cromwell and comet which gets 191mm apcr.


  6. A better solution would be to heavily nerf gold ammo, redo all armor buffs on HD tenks and nerf powercreep tenks. That is the real balance game needs.


  7. The way they do now is just buff armor, buff gun handling, buff pen, buff this and buff that. All will be a disaster and will make game even more unbalanced and un-funn.


  8. Sta-2 buff – seriously, WZ-111 buff – seriously? Ravioli buff – SERIOUSLY?
    Ravioli was one of the best T8 prem meds, just cuz of the decent enought gun handling on a 390 alpha med, and now this ?!?
    -all the prem tanks in the pic look like they got buffed cuz of tomatoes that can’t use them correctly (except Lowe, which is the worst tank in game)

    *in other news, IS-6 gets -10 depression cuz it’s a premium tank thing now


      1. and what T8 prem meds are the best in your book?
        -regular T8 meds are a sad bunch, the prems are a bit better, but not by much, what amazing T 8 premium meds are out there from the new ones?
        -Panther 88 – slow, big, 2.5 aim time with bad handling
        -CDC – huge, easy HE pen, awfull handling
        -Mutz – the most blah tank with nothing special going for it
        -FV4202(Prius) – goes 35, awfull handling
        -T-54 1st proto – slowish, armor is unimportant if not top tier, crap gun
        -59-Patton – okayish, but with massive turret tumor and 190 pen
        -Patton KR(eten) – bad DPM, 2.5 aim time, mediocre speed, 192 pen

        …so yeah Ravioli one of the better ones along with the best one – STA-2


          1. Of course it has, and it should have all those downsides cuz it hits for 390 !…and has a decent enough DPM for that alpha…and has a decent enough handling/aim time/accuracy for that alpha.
            -not saying that it shouldn’t get a small buff here and there, but common guys, that handling buff, that 2.4 aim time, P/W increase to 15.8, -10 fucking degrees of depression, that is overkill.
            -it’s like a Centurion 7 at tier 8 (same speed, same depression, same alpha – with much better handling ! )
            -the only other thing that hits that hard and has -10 depression at tier 8 is T34, and it’s gun is the definition of ebola


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