SU-122-44 9.17 HD Renders


9 thoughts on “SU-122-44 9.17 HD Renders

      1. I own one and if you hulldown at max deression, you already have good xhances to tank a Tiger II, as long as you hide your LFP.

        Now add the supertested sloped armor buff and the tracks added to the armor model et voilà.


        1. I meant I have one, not that I want one. I don’t bounce much of anything, even at the perfect autobounce angles for the sides in mine. They probably just didn’t change the armor, just added 10mm extra where the track is under the gun.


    1. I wouldn’t mind them giving it 1-2 more degrees of gun depression, because after 500 games with it I can say with 100% certainty, that it is not, definitely, maybe, sometimes, unlikely but also possibly … very slightly overpowered. No.


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