WoT Console: Update 3.4 “Overlord” Coming in Hot!

From the official site.

The battle expands into new territories with Update 3.4 “Overlord!” Battle on Normandy Beach, or in a downpour of rain in Komarin. This update also has improvements to the Armor and Component Viewers and plenty more!

A New Map and Map Variant


The epic Invasion of Normandy comes to life on “Overlord,” which features a breached Atlantikwall, a beach on the English Channel to the west, and high cliffs to the east. Vehicles with good gun depression can take advantage of numerous vantage points and ridges to poke and fire.

“Overlord” features custom modifications like unique bunkers, farms and more!

Komarin – Rain

A little rain doesn’t stop the tank carnage. “Komarin – Rain” adds showers to this favorite map, so stay clear of the center swamp and be careful not to get spotted when you cross the rough countryside.


Improvements to Armor and Component Viewer

The Armor and Component Viewers are great ways to get vital information from your most battle-tested tanks. Since its introduction, we’ve heard your feedback and added a few more stats:

  • Engine Module: Displays engine fire chance
  • Gun Module: Displays gun elevation and depression
  • Suspension Module: Terrain resistance included
  • Ammunition Module: Shell velocity added

But that’s not all — you can now use the Armor and Component Viewers for unpurchased vehicles in the Tech Tree and for Store bundles! (bundles must have only one tank.)

Unresearched vehicle overview

In the Tech Tree, select “Tank Info.” With the bumper buttons, you can move between the inspectors.

Deciding what to spend your earned XP and Silver is tough; use the Armor and Component Viewers to get a quick brief on a prospect tank!

New Achievements/Trophies

All Platforms:

  • Dressed to Impress: Play once in camouflage on a map that matches the camo (i.e. snow camo on snowy maps).

Xbox One and Playstation 4:

  • Blind Faith: Destroy an unspotted (invisible) enemy vehicle.
  • A God Among Men: Survive for one minute while detected as the last remaining member of your team.
  • Call the Ball: Request fire on a target and have it destroyed by an ally within 30 seconds.
  • Preparing for War: Equip three types of equipment on a vehicle.

Xbox One and 360:

  • Der Rhine Time: Destroy four enemies in a single battle using a German vehicle
  • For Mother Russia: Destroy four enemies in a single battle using a Soviet vehicle

Xbox 360:

  • Decorated Hero: Unlock all World of Tanks achievements on Xbox 360

PlayStation 4:

  • MVP: Have the highest XP of your team.
  • Stand By Me: Survive and win a battle along with one or more Platoonmates.
  • Silver Trophy: While in a Platoon, destroy an enemy that is also in a Platoon.

Penalties for Self-Destructions

No one likes quitters, even in the face of imminent defeat. Tankers who choose to self-destruct will have their tanks worth in Silver and XP divided across all living opponents at the time of the self-destruction, and be notified of that on the Post Battle Results screen.

“Self-destruction” means your vehicle is destroyed of your own accord, without enemy fire or other vehicle contact.

Update Notes

Download Sizes –

Xbox One: ~3.6 GB / Xbox 360: ~100MB title update + 1GB patch download
PlayStation 4: ~.3.5 GB

View platform specific update notes here:

New Features

  • “What’s New” section added to Game Mode Screen
  • Dynamic Store Specials highlight in-game offers and events


  • Overlord
  • Komarin – Rain

Additional Features

  • T-54 First Prototype/T-54 “Motherland”: Max ammo count increased from 34 to 56
  • Erlenburg and Ardennes: Ice substance effects added
  • Proving Grounds: specific battle end text added
  • New Emblems: “Family,” “Student Driver” and “Tank for Sale”
  • “Supply Conservation” Skill: Visual cue added when Skill activated
  • Reloading Radial: Displays reload time left
  • FCM 50 t Liberté: Stripes extended to the end of the tank
  • Ensk – War!; Ruinberg – War!: Updated map and removed excess debris
  • Armor Viewer: Fire chance, gun elevation/depression, shell velocity, and terrain resistance added
  • Post Battle Results Screen: XP earned from a “Battle Hero” medal displayed separately
  • Thiepval Ridge: Increased cap time for Standard and Encounter modes
  • Skorpion Pass (Assault): Adjusted base/spawn for balance
  • Thiepval Ridge (Standard): Adjusted base/spawn for balance
  • Northwest (Standard); Highway (Standard): Adjusted base/spawn for balance
  • Heilbronn: Assault mode added
  • Unassigned Crews will display their last assigned tank
  • Reload status of tanks available to Spectators
  • Skills are fully listed in Module Viewer
  • Changed kill feed to display the destroyed tank instead of the destroyer’s tank.
  • Discount tag shifted to left of prices
  • Garage/menus: Updated font and icons
  • Added mirror support for the US flag
  • Varied shell sizes for tracers
  • Metal spark effects improved

Bug Fixes

  • Boilermaker: Currently there is a known issue with 3.4 displaying the view range of the Boilermaker as 360. The view range is still 370 and the UI will be fixed soon
  • Fixed background hiss when firing select guns
  • Fixed chat slider to mute audio when set to 0
  • Fixes various Russian localizations in the Garage, help screen, stats, etc.
  • Button legend updated to display “Invite to Team Training” for the social list within Team Training
  • Fixed localization for “Elite Tanks” text
  • Turkish localization: Fixed research issue
  • “Tutorials” screen: Objectives match the results screen
  • Team Training: Player count updates correctly
  • Armor Viewer: Power to weight ratio values corrected
  • Fixed issue that caused incorrect Survivability rating
  • New Platoon host can invite players to join the Platoon
  • Added “and survive” to several achievements/trophy descriptions
  • Spotted tank icons outside of view range no longer flash
  • Skill and Perk icons remain inside the safe zone
  • The “Premium benefits” title no longer truncated in certain languages
  • Spectator HUD “Turn HUD off” option works properly
  • Gorynych KV-5 name appears correctly in the overview map
  • Spectator: You can no longer scroll through the player list while in fly-cam
  • Removed confirmation window when exiting Proving Grounds
  • Fixed emblems, inscriptions, and Marks of Excellence disappearing on Xbox One and PS4.
  • Fixed incorrect callouts from AI in Proving Grounds


  • Pz.Kpfw. II J: Fixed destroyed state model and turret collision model
  • T-10: Fixed tread collision model to match visual model
  • T71: Fixed destroyed state model
  • KV-1: Fixed tread collision model to match visual model
  • Centurion Action X: Fixed destroyed state model
  • Type 5 Heavy: Fixed visual issues with normal and destroyed state model
  • O-Ni: Fixed visual issues with normal model
  • AMX 50 100: Added animated attachments
  • Conqueror: Gun animated attachment removed when destroyed
  • Kaiju O-I: Fixed destroyed state model
  • Sherman Firefly: Camouflage no longer applies to wheels
  • Chieftain Mk. 6: Fixed visual issue on gun mantlet
  • T26E4 Freedom: Stars added to wheels and adjusted turret emblem position
  • Tiger II: Fixed incorrect treads
  • M41 Bulldog: Fixed destroyed state model
  • T34: Fixed armor value display
  • All new player T7 Combat Cars have preferential matchmaking
  • Sturmpanzer II: Fixed treads
  • T1 Cunningham: Fixed track rollers
  • T28 Prototype: Fixed camouflage on gun
  • M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo: Fixed incorrect treads
  • VK 30.02 (M): Fixed gun mantlet model
  • O-Ho: Camouflage no longer visible in incorrect areas


  • Thiepval Ridge: Buildings no longer float, added machine gun models to match VFX and rocks to block inaccessible parts of the hill
  • Pacific Island: Smoothed out terrain to prevent being stuck
  • Heilbronn: Fixed multiple instances of bushes clipping into buildings, added rocks to block inaccessible parts of the hill
  • Wide Park: Fixed floating props
  • Great Wall: Unintended regions blocked
  • Hidden Village: Adjusted a spawn position away from a tree
  • Sacred Valley – War!: Adjusted a spawn position away from a fence
  • Live Oaks: Removed a tree causing a collision issue
  • Karelia: Smoothed out terrain to help prevent getting stuck, fixed floating props, and blocked access to unintended regions
  • Ghost Town: Adjusted tree placement so they fall over completely.
  • Abbey: Smoothed out terrain to help prevent getting stuck, and fixed floating props
  • South Coast: New cultural assets
  • Airfield, Komarin: Adjusted prop placement

11 thoughts on “WoT Console: Update 3.4 “Overlord” Coming in Hot!

  1. Well, there is any difference from the actual Overlord map we got on PC?

    About Komarin, since they are starting to add these sort of things in console, would be more insteresting if it actually affected things like, View Range, Mobility, and etc… it would give more diversity to maps, instead of only visual aspect.

    And the penaltys are nice, except for acidental destruction, like lag issues and etc… but destructing yourself is still a mean way of taking away a medal from a 5 or 7 kills guy ready to get his top gun or radley.


    1. If I am not mistaken, things such as weather effects do affect the viewrange on the Console version. There was a preview of Steppes Sandstorm some time ago which showcased it rather well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not if sure it has been confirmed for this map yet, but the view range/radio range penalties do indeed exist on certain “extreme” weather maps. Meaning the Steppes Sandstorm, Erlenberg Blizzard, and Pacific Island Typhoon maps, but not the other Snow or related variants.

        Personally I love them purely for the immersion and atmosphere side.


    2. Besides the typical console version aesthetic differences Overlord should be the same as on PC.

      It should also be noted that the suicide penalty was worded oddly.
      Suiciding doesn’t actually punish you any more than it already did, just the other team gets a little more XP from it as if one of them had killed you. Honestly I thought this already happened, but maybe I am thinking of the PC version.
      And a message pops up telling you this after the battle now apparently.

      See here: http://forum-console.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/158504-suicide-clarification/


  2. It is about time World of Tanks pc version is bought out and is split/fork into two versions.
    The current Russian development team version, continuation for the Russian market.
    And a whole new version developed by a western publisher for the western market. One without historical biases, who have an attitude which accepts feedback and actively communicates with the community and strives to get their product to a higher level.

    The fallacy, with is the current PC version, especially the company leading it’s direction is becoming more ridiculous with each new Console version release getting ahead of it’s former parent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IMO I think the console development team is doing a HELL of a good job! Really props to them for trying, wanting and bringing they version of World of Tanks to a better and higher level.


    2. True, we need those horrible eastern developers that only care about money to let the game go. Every western company gives 0 fucks about money, they only want #happyplayers and great game. That’s why there are millions of great MMO’s developed by western companies. Western companies never kill their once good MMO’s because they are eager for money, every western MMO has greatly balanced F2P model too.
      And this horrible bias. Best T10 heavy is american, best T8 premium is german, out of 4 premiums that are about to come/are on supertest (T26E5, Lorr 40t, AMX M4 49 and Object 252) the russian one is the worst, clear bias there. Both russian TD lines are amazing and 80% of TD’s you see in randoms are russian.
      Console WoT is amazing too, with amazing features such as weather and bloomed graphics that 90% of blind people confirm are better than PC graphics. Who cares that TD’s have even more alpha, that arties are more powerful than on PC, that there is fucking grass in sniper mode. We need eyecandy and other unimportant features, who cares about gameplay itself anyway?


      1. Never said anything about monitization strategy. EA in that respect is/was leagues ahead :)

        For what WG does, I think it does it good for their main consumer market, which is mainly RU/Bel/Ukr. Nothing wrong with that imo. But they cannot do just anything, because that market is also restricting them.
        See the old KV1s split, which took what….5 years because of internal indecisiveness due to and their main consumer market resisting.

        Then we have the 2014 (or ’15?) EU legislation on digital goods, which limits them even more. As it limits making changes to digitally bought products. This inhibits needing them to release better micro products (prem tanks) as they need to keep making money.
        This IMO is hindering the balance of there product and in the process they neglect the basis, the older free2play content, upon which the product is build.

        Then comes the whole part of shourded development, ultra slow change and stubbornness to feedback and adequately acting upon this over the year (last 2 years esp)
        This does not mean the folks doing the actual work are bad, on the contrary, they do what is decided from higher up.
        And there IMO lies much of the issues the product has today.


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