New Cheat for WoT – Master Ambush Mod

Some light needs to be shed on this new cheat (WG did not do anything about it yet)

In order to see how it works, start the video from 1:35.

Official description:

– totally new mod
– will calculate EVERY bush between you and the target
– shows you EXACT camo between you and the target
– priceless for TD’s, light’s and any bush mechanics users

22 thoughts on “New Cheat for WoT – Master Ambush Mod

  1. This isnt a cheatmod.
    This is an app.
    So instead of calculating 15 meters of bush and enemy viewrange by map squares – you just got numbers on the screen showing how close can you get.

    Thats why machines were invented – to make mental or physical job automatic.
    Cheatmod….srsly, by this logic gold ammo is also cheatmod then.

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  2. Good idea to post this shit in public for pancakes who havent realised that this ,,mod” is aviable :) so now theyre gonna search where to download to be stronk kemp ush tonks :)

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      1. oh come on! look don’t blame me for the sub-par internet!
        he literally wants a google fiber connection FROM EARTH.

        i keep telling him, a direct connection is going to be a really long wire that constantly snaps. but will he listen? nooooo

        your lucky enough theres a connection at all Dx

        *goes back to angrily wiring the moonbase while muttering about stupid requirements*

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  3. Kind of unfair since it tells you how much wiggle room you have before that specific player will be able to spot you.

    But like @killswitch95 said – they should implement it.


  4. Yes let’s implement this to the game so players don’t have to learn viewranges and camo bonuses etc. Great idea. They should add aimbot defaultly aswell, it doesn’t give much advantage right?
    It doesn’t offer that much to good players and it doesn’t calculate with equip/crew skills etc but it is still thing you have to learn, like reload times for example. And you wouldn’t want WG to implement reload times would you?


  5. Just a mod which helps you to understand the camo and spotting mechanics, just as the first half of the video shows you.
    To be a cheat mod it should show the real values considering your camo and the enemies real view range (including skills and equip). Therefor it must calculate the values for each enemy in sigh.
    And also the mod failed to prevent the player from beeing spotted.


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