WoT Tank Festival – Frontlines Extra XP reserves missions

Missions are from RU server

On the “Front Line”, part 1:

• Task: destroy 2 enemy vehicles (total).
• Reward: 2 reserves: + 100% to front-line experience for 1 hour.

In standard battles.
Until August 19th.

To the “Front Line”, part 2:

• Objective: inflict 5.000 damage to enemies (total).
• Reward: 3 reserves: + 100% to front-line experience for 1 hour.

Standard battles.
Until August 19th.

On the “Front Line”, part 3:

• Objective: win 3 times.
• Reward: 4 reserves: + 100% to front-line experience for 1 hour.

Standard battles.
Until August 19th.


WoT EU – Straight from Switzerland: Pz. 58 Mutz



Sure, a bear looks cool, but do you know what looks even cooler? A bear on a tank. Funnily enough, that’s exactly what the Panzer 58 Mutz is! But of course, there’s more to this Tier VIII medium than its paint job. Quite mobile and accurate, the Mutz is known for the good penetration values of its gun, which fires high-velocity shells. If you like to move around and snipe, this vehicle designed in Switzerland is a serious candidate for you!

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World of Tanks 1.6 – Full patchnotes

Main Changes

Personal Missions Tweaks

  • Rebalanced the Personal Missions within the Object 279 (e) operation.
    • Conditions of 22 missions have been adjusted.
    • 2 missions have been changed while keeping the player’s progress within them (with the 1 to 1 conversion).
  • Rebalanced a number of missions for SPGs (within both campaigns).
    • 12 missions for SPGs have been changed within The Long-Awaited Backup campaign.
    • 5 missions for SPGs have been changed within the Second Front campaign.

Vehicle Customization

  • Added detailed information about some of the available styles in the game client.
  • Added new fonts for tactical numbers.
  • Reworked the interface of applying decals.
  • Added new decals: square and rectangular.
    • Square decals will be available for all Tier X and Tier VIII vehicles.
    • Rectangular decals will be available for Tier X vehicles and Tier VIII Premium vehicles.
  • Changed the spots that are available for applying the decals. All previously applied decals will be removed and sent to the section Exterior -> Decals.

Disabling Friendly Fire/Damage

  • We disabled team damage and team kills caused by friendly fire and ramming in all Random Battles (Standard, Encounter, Assault and Grand Battles).
  • Reworked the sounds and effects of direct hits received from allies.
  • Improved the system of penalties for causing damage and stunning allies.
  • Reworked the mechanics of interaction between the HE shells of SPGs and guns of the allied vehicles
  • The corresponding changes will be made to the Game Rules, which will take effect after the release of the update.

WoT Premium Account

  • Reworked the logic of adding the manageable XP bonus within WoT Premium Account. Now the extra XP will be sent to the crew according to the same rules that are applied to the Combat experience:
    • If the Accelerated crew training is disabled (or is not available) before the beginning of a battle, a share of experience will go to the crew, the rest will go to the vehicle.
    • If the Accelerated crew training is enabled, all experience will be distributed between the crew members.
  • Changed the conditions, upon which the bonus can be used (all below conditions should be met):
    • The most recent victory in the selected vehicle.
    • The vehicle is in the Garage (not sold, the rental has not expired, etc.)
    • The crew that won the battle is in the vehicle.
    • The current state of the Accelerated crew training option is the same as it was before the beginning of the battle.

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