Wargaming Game Center – Update

Wargaming is continuing to test the Wargaming Game Center (WGC). It has now beta status, so we can expect a release fairly soon. The WGC is supposed to unify all games, news, portals and more in one launcher.


14 thoughts on “Wargaming Game Center – Update

  1. I am a beta tester for the WGC client. I can tell you that it is missing a few things but other then that it is really useful :).


  2. Can’t say I liked it much. The thing removes the old launchers for any games you connect, which means you can’t launch without this thing. So if this BETA program has issues and breaks for whatever reason like it did for me? You can’t launch the games. Got to find a way to acquire the launchers again which likely means an overkill reinstall. Fantastic.

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    1. One of the bigger issues of the WGC imo, since it completely changes the way games launch, and there’s no way of reverting it once you have connected the games to it. I found out that the WGC downloaded updates significantly slower (on my end atleast) so I tried to get my WoT (which is what I play mostly) out of WGC, didn’t work, so I had to reinstall it.


  3. It allows you to bring in already installed games. It even allows you to introduce wargaming other non- world of games if you want… It’s pretty nice cause it even has the news all in there without switching to a browser.


  4. Don’t have a good feeling about it. I used to run the wot .exe directly but they’ve started rolling out micropatches every few days, so I got most of the times “please update your app”. Now I’m just waiting for this bloatware to be mandatory for me to start WOT. Amd run in the background all the time by default.

    Oh and I would be surprised if it didn’t remind me about the other games I don’t want every time I start the launcher.

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  5. Do not want. I uninstalled AW because they wouldn’t let me even run the game without there layover app. I find Blizzard annoying enough having to have to apps open just to play HOTS. I have zero interest in this.

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