WoT RU: The assembly shop will open soon!

SU-122 (1956) (USSR, Tier-9, TD, premium) aka. SU-122-54

“This time, everything will be different…

I can’t say that this time I managed to come up with something particularly ingenious. Overall, the machine is built on a platform I’m familiar with. I don’t need to invent anything. Just a few tweaks and assembly of a sort of “master version.” But that’s just theory. Reality, as usual, made its own adjustments. Yes, yes, and you, Mattress, traditionally helped it in this!

But it’s all minor stuff. This time, I, Jadwiga Boleslavovna Yaginskaya, even surprised myself. First, I went ahead and delegated some of the work to the interns. Thankfully, some of them turned out to be quite capable. Second, I discovered that my free time could be spent on something useful and enjoyable. For example, going to the theater with pleasant company. Sure, Mattress is pleasant company too, but there are also interesting people. Some even quite interesting. Or finally, congratulating the veterans on May 9th! I plan it every year, and there’s always something that gets in the way…

In general, this time everything went… unusually. Let’s see if anyone else can assemble such a “simple” project as quickly and cleverly!”

More Details of the SU-122 (1956) Assembly

16 thoughts on “WoT RU: The assembly shop will open soon!

  1. At this point im convinced the RU server knows how to treat its players right.. Like RU server should be the main server tempted to beg to be moved over there now..

        1. Don’t worry, the guy is probably taking whatever CNN and MSNBC tells him, putting it on a spoon with some water, heating it, sucking it up a syringe, and mainlining it straight into his veins. Typical 72iq American that makes the rest of us (the more than 50%) look dumb to the outside world.

          The fact is, Lesta is making a better product, in WoT and WoWS. You cannot argue against that, only throw slurs out because the TV told you that to be “part of the group/in crowd” you must hate everything Russian.

    1. Take your homo/xenophobic shit and go hide in a basement with it.

      Oh, and “Russia has no crime”? Hahahaha.

    2. Good choice, Artur. Indeed, nowadays Russia is overall a better place compare to the garbage west. Though, The Russian Federation does have gays, black people and, unfortunately, crimes, like any other country on this planet. The thing is:
      1) there is no lgbtq-+_whatever propaganda, thank God;
      2) black people are educated and hardworking, unlike many in usa or the west, where they commit all sorts of crimes;
      3) again, Russia has a crime rate, small though, thankfully, since no smart person would like to end up in a cell with criminals – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WSHYP-CYmc – one of the worst examples, though…

      1. 110%… I went to Serbia after the 2020 election. Never looked back. Moscow might be my next stop, maybe a summer home in one of the villages outside the city.

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