Steven Seagal Available as Commader for WoWS (NA, EU, ASIA)

This time he’s not simply a cook: he’s a Commander. Let the Seas run Red, White and Blue.

Steven Seagal has gone from being a cook to an American Commander, and he’s available to be yours in-game if you complete a very special marathon event and it’s open for both new and existing players (albeit in a different format for each).

For existing players:

For those of you who have spent numerous hours sailing and destroying, the task is simple: earn 70,000 base XP between 1 November and 14 December (giving you over six weeks to reach this total), and as soon as you accomplish this feat you will receive Steven as a Commander with 6 Skill Points and 100 Zulu Hotel flags (+50% XP for your Commander).
The only stipulation is you must earn the XP within Random, Ranked, Team, or Co-op battles!
Unlike new players, as soon as you finish the mission, you will get Steven and can sail the Open Seas with him until your heart’s content.
Steven’s been busy getting into character, but have no fear – he will be available to commandeer your American vessels from 1 November onwards!