WoT PC – New Tank Reveal


22 thoughts on “WoT PC – New Tank Reveal

  1. Why the heck don’t they make these ” special skins ” purchasable product and leave tanks looking like…well tanks, instead of some fare ride.


    1. Most likely not. Since the same thing has already happened to the Mutz/ Skorpion/ M4 49. The non-ridiculous looking tank will stay in the game files and will not be playable by any means.


  2. Just get Milkyman to make a skin mod for it and presto, no gay water colors. His skins for the Mutz and Patton KR are better looking than normal to atm.


  3. I need this tank in my life. I will get a laptop and play this bitch at Hooters drinking bear and eating wings. And even then I will not be as tacky as this thing is.


  4. Why WG keep having special skin on tanks, did Obsidian trigger their special fetish?

    I hate the special skins variants on AW’s vehicles so there’s an excuse to put a non-prem tank into a prem. And now WG is following it, as if WoT is not having enough tanks….

    Unfortunately T26E5 is relatively attractive to train my US HT crew, so if this ends up on ASIA server I will shut up and give WG the money :(

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  5. Why?Why?Why? WG has to ruin tanks with disgusting camo? I would buy one if it had regular camo. Mutz and the others are eye-sore enough for me. WG – get your bearings straight, community likes realistic camo, no circus shit.


  6. My eyes are bleeding… My soul is weeping…
    We are but a few short steps away from a console game. Mario-tank anyone?

    I spend my hard earned cash on tanks I like the look of and I enjoy playing.
    The M4 french thing I would have bought but for the colour scheme, similar here.

    I own the AMX 13/57 the M41-90GF and don’t mind those TOO much but these ridiculous things are just plain wrong.

    It cheapens the image of the game and I fully expect to see Google tanks, Netflix arty and Amazon TDs before long.

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  7. WG should release a few tanks with 0 perk crews for other nations as well. Its time.

    Whatsoever, this tank is decent and for sure the better choice when it comes to Premium US Heavy tanks.


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