Supertest: VK 100.01 (P)

Tier: 8 (Heavy)
HP: 1700
Engine: 1200 hp
Mass: 120,45 t
Power-to-weight: 9,96 hp / t
Max speed: 20 / -15 km / h
Hull turning speed: 15 °/s
Turret turning speed: 15,6 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,767 / 0,863 / 1,918
View range: 400 m
Radio range: 740,4 m

Hull armor: 200 / 130 / ? mm
Turret armor: 220 / 160 / ? mm

Gun: 12,8 cm Kw.K. L/50

Alpha Damage: 490 / 490 / 630
Penetration: 220 / 250 / 65 mm
Rate Of Fire: 3,681
Damage Per Minute: 1803,5
Reload time: 16,301 s
Accuracy: 0,384
Aiming time: 2,59 s
Depression/Elevation: -8 / +30

Gun: 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/52

Alpha Damage: 320 / 320 / 420
Penetration: 200 / 244 / 60 mm

Armor Schematics:


More pictures:



49 thoughts on “Supertest: VK 100.01 (P)

        1. It still turns like a brick, moves like a brick, and is larger than the E75 and Tiger II. The armor should be toned down a bit, but it’s a prime arty target as is, and either way, people will be slinging premium ammo at it.

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          1. except for people like me who can rarely afford gold ammo and want to use the normal ammo.

            i wouldn’t be complaining if there was somewhere i could pen this with my tier 6s. but as it is it looks like i’ll need gold to do anything.

            which means more gold spam.

            and that cupola is really pissing me off cause its ARMORED.
            and yet M48, 59 patton, t95e2, chieftain/t95. all of these get CANCER TUMORS.
            while heavies with tumors get armored bunkers?!

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            1. I dont use gold ammo either, despite I can afford it and have prem account. Simply, gold ammo ruins balance I think. But in the same time WG cant introduce overarmored tenks like this. Balance is important, I really think so.


              1. yeah.
                i’m seeing 2 contradictory issues WG has

                1. they want heavies to feel armored
                2. they want to keep the +2/-2 MM tier spread while wanting to keep it from making bottom tiers feeling compeltely worthless
                as a result. they give gold rounds so they can pen stuff they wouldnt be able to otherwise

                which leads to the issue of. gold negating armor.

                the only solution to make heavies feel armored without making bottom tier feel worthless. is to remove +2/-2MM
                as then bottom tier doesn’t need gold. and heavies don’t need ot worry about gold auto penning them.

                but WG will deny that to the grave


                1. Yeah, you just have to pen a slow T8 heavy, which has only its armor and gun, frontally with your A-43 and AP ammo. “fucking WG” right?


                  1. except the A-43 can’t pen the side of this with AP.
                    or the rear
                    or the cupola.

                    so its the matilda. when you have a 51pen gun. you canpt do crap


  1. Looks actually very good, unlike Mauschen.

    Gun is very punchy, and has nice penetration. I like that.

    lol @ that view range

    Armor is very tough. Turret front alone is ok for its tier. When it slightly angles, it becomes pretty tricky to pen. When it sidescrapes with its right side, it can hide cupola, making it very hard to pen.

    That ass armor looks troll lol

    More superheavies is always welcome. Outside of top speed this shits on KV-4, and would also shit on my beloved O-Ho, if it didnt have 149.1mm derp with 14 sec reload + lol gun handling + ability to mount vstabs :D. Talking about O-Ho, i think WG should give it option to mount 127mm from Type 4, so those who dont like derps has actual gun option to use (then again, why would someone who hates derps even grind this line?), not a shitty 10cm that completely relies on being top tier.

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    1. I agree with you, this seems to be a really nice all-around good super heavy. I would like to place pressure on that it is a super heavy, so it is not expected to have those specific stats the non-super heavy tanks have.

      Dat ass armor though… mmnnnhhmm…

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  2. And why the fuck would you use the 320 dmg gun with 200mm pen, when ýou can use the 490 dmg with 220mm pen? I feel the differance is too big between the guns and didn the idiot slava said on the cyprus meeting that a tenk having 2 guns, shold be an equally valid choice. I think the 320 dmg gun should have 225mm pen, better accuracy aim time, rof etc, and the high alpha should have everything else inferior and like 215 mm pen or so.

    Now this 490 dmg gun is pretty decent, 1800 dpm, okay aim time and 0.38 accuracy.


  3. Also this has better armor than vk45a and tiger II because the upper plate is 200mm and the lower plate 120mm and the sides 130mm. What the fuck is up with that? This tenk is overarmored for taier 8.


    1. stronger upper plate than E75 (by 40mm!)
      weaker lower plate by only 10mm
      stronger side armor by 10mm

      all of this a tier lower…..WG drunk


      1. Don’t forget that this is still in the supertest, and these values could and most likely will change. Not defending WG but going from what they’ve done in the past, these aren’t going to be the final values.


        1. and yet i’m terrified this is close to final considering Kv-5. IS-3. IS-6. 112.

          WG’s attempt to fix the gold issue isn’t fixing it. its making it a required thing.


    2. If you’re not able to deal with him run away, should not be that hard. Im still helpless facing an is3 in a Japanese Tiger. Hear no complaints against that. And this will not be worse than that.


  4. This is a joke, this is not a tier 8 tenk. Wg are high of all coke they are doing or I dont know what they sniff over in arabia/russia, probaly not womens panties since sexual perversions are forbidden over there.


    1. except the lfp is 140mm
      aka 10 more than E75
      and 40 more than tiger 2

      plus angled. and its effective over 200

      if it was 120. THEN it would be 165-170

      did i mention tier 6 and 7s have to fight this? how many have 200 pen.


      1. The ufp shouldn’t be 200mm, 140-150 would work due to it having a better slope than the Tiger II’s. Turret is pretty great, but still doesn’t compare to the IS-3, which can wiggle effectively with its great mobility.


            1. yes but at the same time you can’t let it become stronger than tiger 2

              right now mobility is all tiger 2 really has over it
              and yet vk’s armor is so strong vs tiger 2 theres no comparison

              so nerfing vk’s armor and giving it mobility would make tiger 2 worse and worse in comparison.

              sometimes a nerf with no compensation is needed.


              1. That depends on how much the mobility would be increased. It doesn’t have to be Tiger II levels or anything like that. Terrain resistances and traverse speeds could be increased a bit, to allow for at least a bit of wiggling and reactive angling.


                1. considering tiger 2 level is already pretty low. people would argue it makes litte difference.

                  and again, WG would need to nerf the armor significantly(at least on weakspots) so tier 6 and 7s can stand a chance…

                  which would negate alot of the armor…..

                  in the end…WG’s own flaws are hurting them

                  i’m seeing 2 contradictory issues WG has

                  1. they want heavies to feel armored
                  2. they want to keep the +2/-2 MM tier spread while wanting to keep it from making bottom tiers feeling compeltely worthless
                  as a result. they give gold rounds so they can pen stuff they wouldnt be able to otherwise

                  which leads to the issue of. gold negating armor.

                  the only solution to make heavies feel armored without making bottom tier feel worthless. is to remove +2/-2MM
                  as then bottom tier doesn’t need gold. and heavies don’t need ot worry about gold auto penning them.

                  but WG will deny that to the grave


      2. Yeah LFP is not 120mm like I though, but I think it’s not 140mm either – 140 is back of the turret, LFP seems to be same as the sides at 130mm.
        And still, even if you angle that 130mm to a point where your side armor is weaker it’s only up to 59 degrees ~215-220mm effective.

        But yes, looking at it further side armor should go down to 120mm, turret side + back/cupola/rear armor should be nerfed a bit. I’d keep the LFP and UFP + turret front though – LFP is still relatively weak, UFP atleast won’t get rekt by TD’s etc. Apart from armor nerf, viewrange nerf for sure and maybe some aimtime nerf/DPM nerf and it’s fine, further tuning can be done after it’s added.
        And this is still huge and slow with no camo whatsoever, and will get obliterated by arty and APCR/HEAT, and to have useful armor you have to angle + wiggle.

        As for T6’s vs this, how are T8’s doing vs Maus? They are even worse off, T-44 or T69 can’t pen Maus with AP anywhere.


    1. Why you have to spam? We get it, you dont like it the way it is now. Keep on mind tho that 1) its on supertest 2) spamming on TAP wont help at all to actually make WG balance the tank differently

      seb pls ban this guy already

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  5. I like it. Its a Maus at teir 8. And seeing as it will lead to a Maus at teir ten, this is a good thing.
    The whole line is about having actual armor and making the most of it. (even in a world of gold spam)

    Top gun has good enough alpha for tier 10 with an arty like reload and gun handling.

    And the 105 seems a good option. When you expect to shoot at more than one thing at a time 7 shots a round is better than 3-4.

    It seems that german heavy line finally gets a breakthrough tank that can reliably tank even when it is Not top tier. What a pleasant change of pace from the teir 8 vk that i mount an 88 on and drive around like a medium with some armor

    That Tog like speed though. Never thought id see the day when a Tiger 2 was deemed “Manueverable” … Yay for small corridor maps?


  6. Ok, bit late on this, but I’ve got a lot to say about this one (well… moreso than usual :P).

    To start, I see why people are complaining that the front armor is OP, but… the Maus/Mauschen aren’t supposed to be penetrated in the upper glacis. Pretty much ever. So it makes sense that the VK 100.01 P would get 200mm of upper glacis armor, even if it is a tad ridiculous for a tier 8, simply because it ISN’T supposed to be penned at all. As far as the lower glacis goes, while it may be thicker than the E75’s, it’s sloped far less than that of tanks like the E50 and E75, so it isn’t nearly as effective, making it around ~170-180, as others pointed out earlier. This is perfectly fine, since tier 8-10 vehicles will be able to pen this effectively, almost without issue. Not to mention, the turret face is just like the Maus in that it flattens out towards the center, reducing its effective armor greatly against tanks with 225+ pen (AKA almost every heavy of tier 8, and pretty much every tier 9-10 tank), and, to make things worse, it has that MASSIVE cupola on the turret, so if the driver attempts to angle the turret, it’s still possible in most cases for these same vehicles to pen the turret. And to those complaining that your tier 6/7/8 medium can’t pen it, this thing turns like a BRICK, even compared to the likes of the T95 & Maus (15d/s hull + 15d/s turret), and doesn’t have nearly as much side/rear armor on either the hull or turret as vehicles like the Maus/E100/Type 5/etc, so flanking should be very effective against this thing – hell, most tier 6-7 heavies should be able to flank it as well (plus, tier 6-7 heavies already have a hard time fighting the rest of the tier 8 heavies, so this thing should hypothetically be even easier to fight considering its horrendous mobility). That, combined with the long reload, somewhat-long accuracy/iffy dispersion, should, once again, make flanking maneuvers a very effective counter to this tank. Don’t fight it head-on in things that aren’t supposed to fight other tanks head-on, and you’ll be perfectly fine.

    Overall, I think this thing looks perfectly fine in its current state. Doesn’t need any nerfs in my eyes, as the armor is good where it’s supposed to be, but has plenty of weakpoints, and the vehicle itself is sluggish to match. It also has a much larger flat area on the front of the turret, unlike the O-Ho (which has ultra-effective turret cheeks due to the angling), so, despite having extra armor, it should be much easier to pen for heavy tanks facing it. And as for the Tiger II, this is a similar case to the T26E5 vs. the T32/Caernarvon – the T26E5 (or, in this case, the VK 100.01) shouldn’t be nerfed; rather, the T32/Caernarvon (Tiger II, in this case) should be buffed. Good (read – good/great, NOT OP) tanks shouldn’t be dragged down just because of somewhat below-average vehicles existing; instead, those below-average vehicles should be raised to the level of the good/great vehicles. Works out for everyone.

    TL;DR: The upper glacis isn’t supposed to be penned to begin with (just like the Mauschen & Maus which follow it in the line, so it actually makes sense to have crazy upper glacis armor), so an armor nerf to it is pretty pointless. Lower glacis is pretty weak despite its nominal armor thickness, turret front has a huge flat area, and the cupola makes it harder to angle the turret effectively. Moves like a brick + its side/rear armor isn’t great + low DPM & iffy aimtime/dispersion, so flanking maneuvers will counter it effectively. Overall, looks fine how it is. If the Tiger II falls behind, just buff it, since it could arguably use it anyways.


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