VK 100.01 (P) Partial Stats

Part of the new Mauschen branch.

Preliminary stats:

Tier: 8 (Heavy)
HP: 1700
Max speed: 20 / -15 km / h
Hull turning speed: 15 °/s
Turret turning speed: 15 °/s
View range: 400 m

Alpha Damage: 490
Penetration: 220 mm
Reload time: 17,0 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,4
Aiming time: 2,7 s


16 thoughts on “VK 100.01 (P) Partial Stats

  1. “View range: 400 m”

    Thought WG had a new policy regarding view range and heavy tanks? Or has this policy been fired as well, together with the former balance guy a month ago?


      1. Was under the impression there was another one predating sandbox by a year. Back when the global nerf to TD view ranges happened in 2015.


      1. Heavy tonks are made to be stronk skauts, yes?

        New meta, scouts will be the new no armor dmg soaking, no view range brawlers. That’ll be fun!


  2. 490 dmg and 220 alpha on tier 8? It has far too much pen for that devistating alpha. Meanwhile vk45a has 320 dmg and 200mm pen. I say this tenk need meximum 205-212mm pen because it has so high alpha on tier 8. It is a fucking TD gunne on a HT, wtf is happening? The armor on this shit is similar like on the vk45a, I get that but it doesnt need that much pen and alpha.


    1. Finally something that can give the middle finger to the is3. I’m all for new non Russian “op” tanks. And this one is at least in the actual tech three.

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      1. We dont need anything that can fuck the is3, because it they make a tenk that is better than is3 then all other tenks will be fucked, like ut wif. Ahhaha


        1. This thing is huge and slow. So the 100 ekstra alpha and good pen is needed. The rest of the gunstats are not exactly impressive. Think it’s fair enough.


        2. With 20 km/h speed it will NEVER be better than IS-3. But once it meets one, it will at least be able to stand it’s ground.


  3. Well I don’t know about the stats (especially since they are a matter of change), but it’s undoubtable that the model looks beautiful. Those curves, the well thought lines, I’m actually impressed!


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