E-100 Supertest Changes

15cm KwK L/38
– Penetration from 235 to 246

– Camo during standing while shooting from 0% to 0.69%
– Camo during moving while shooting from 0% to 0.35%


34 thoughts on “E-100 Supertest Changes

  1. Wow. WG finally realized something that players have been saying for 5 years – E100’s standard penetration is too low to fight with other T10 superheavies and two E100’s with AP are just bouncing off each other.
    Not that 246 is great but you are not forced to shoot HEAT at everything with armor.


  2. WG should do one nice and simple thing for these “unbalanced” pen tanks like E-100 and T-54 to avaoid so huge gold spam with them:
    Not only increase the standart ammo pen but decrease the gold ammo pen too. If there is about 100mm difference in penetration of both ammo types, then of course people will shoot more gold, as there will be much more higher chance to pen stuff. Just reduce the gold pen on E-100 shell from 330 to at least 300 or 290 and it will look much better!


    1. Reduce gold pen? What next? Lose more money? Gold dependant tanks are the bread and butter of WG. OP gold rounds allow idiots pay-to-win victories and stats, thus cannot be nerfed in any way.

      The unbelievable and great decision of finally improving standard ammo is good enough, might cost them so not sure if change makes it’s way out the supertest.


        1. Exactly – that is the way many players want – gold ammo with better pen but less dmg than standard ammo. And all arties similar to bert avenger – fast, medium range pew pew guns, with not enough dmg&pen to one shot anything with roof armor…


      1. Prem ammo is bread and butter, prem ammo is ham and eggs, prem ammo is popcorn and soda, prem ammo is honey and milk, prem ammo is macaroni and cheese, prem ammo is Charlie and the chocolate factory, prem ammo is sausage and pepperoni pizza, prem ammo is cookies and milk, prem ammo is gin and juice, prem ammo is milk and honey
        Hell prem ammo is life !


  3. The pen on the E100 should be 270 at least because of the hugh caliber gun (jge100 has 299) so taht 100 shoud hve a chance vs E5 and russian snapshoting full heat meds! Or 300 armor of the front of the turet and 250 pen!


    1. Actually… The gun probably should have less. I remember reading about something that said that large caliber getman guns such as the 15cm and 17cm started to lose penetration. Probably due to it not having enough propellant compared to the size and weight to the shell


      1. E100 has bad gun (bad stats too) you can’t snapshot and the pen is just bad, if you aim and loose time. Your turet front will be penned by HEAT wn8 whores and 90% of the time you will not hit anything or the enemy pops back in cover….because HEAT spam / bad turet this tank is dead!

        So either increaae pen to the point where you can snapshot/ aim for e5 hatch or make the turet front 300!!!! So you can tqke the time to aim !


      2. Nominally, this is probably true, but the sheer width of the shell does lend itself well to overmatching against sloped surfaces, and I imagine the force of the impact would be considerably more effective at producing spall even if the round bounced. A gun like the E100’s would probably still be better suited to slinging HE, but its anti-armor capabilites are likely better than they look on paper.


          1. Not the same thing. not at all. E-100 is a heavy tank. Those are tank destroyers. Jge100 doesn’t have a turret. Grille has no armor(lol) and fv183 has even worse accuracy than E-100

            If they had the same guns E-100 would be laughably OP. E-100 can get close enough for it’s meh pen to be OK. especially with the buff it’s getting.


  4. Actually, you can pen another E100 straight with 235mm AP, and if in close range you can overmatch the hull deck with 150mm caliber, hell even with 128mm. You can also pen maus, is4, is7 etc if they are going over terrain or accelerating so the front rises slightly, reducing the effective thickness of the lower plates. And ofc. overmatch the engine decks etc in close range. These were important skills people dont emphasise nowdays. I never used heat on my e100 and I managed okay WR and damage wise.

    I even pen tenks like e100, is7, e75 etc. frontaly with vk45a and panther II with AP and they have 200mm pen, by using the terrain against the opponents. This in my book is a great skill and sepparate the better players from gold-mongos.

    Yesterday I penned two e100 frontaly many times by hitting the rangefinder with AP in my tiger II, by superior aiming and reducement of RNG (7 skill crew, vents etc). This is how the advantage should come from, not pressing 2.

    I say no to a pen buff, because the E100 has HP, armor and alpha, and it has to pay with pen. WG should instead nerf heat and rebalance tanks on tier 10 to the point where 235mm AP is balanced again.

    How exactly does armor retain value by buffing standard pen and leaving heat as it is? E100 is no joke on AP, it is just player that are jokes that dont know how to play the e100 like it was implemented in the game back in de days.


    1. If the player you are shooting at is competent …with 235 pen you will do 0 …..

      There are points where you can pen all other tanks but in a strait fight with other tier 10 tanks that know the game e100 will loose if you fire ap only,.


        1. If you are stupid enough to let T54 shoot you 9 times without you killing him you’re doing something wrong. You should outtrade him or if he’s outtrading you you should disengage.


  5. Does this actually mean less gold spam? I would really appreciate it, getting auto shizzling fuck HEAT-shot is really getting old, when I drive my Type 4.


    1. No, the spam will continue. 246 pen is not enough to be reliable when dealing with well armoured enemies, even on tanks with good gun handling, not to mention derpy gun E-100 has. But against targets you would use AP against anyway the pen increase will at least open up some options to do tracking+dmg shots instead of going for the weakest spots possible to ensure pen.


              1. There is a difference between using a vehicle type with a difficult, unique playstyle, suffering multiple times more from the RNG, doing a high-risk high-reward gameplay and abusing a retarded game mechanics.

                Though why do I even care, no point in arguing over this.
                Note: you will get rekt by arty for at least 4 times tomorrow, Woolgun. have fun! :D


                  1. So based on two things you heard you made a full scale conclusion, categorizing someone and thinking less of them.
                    Bravo sir, you played yourself!

                    Let’s see how much you fucked up with this!
                    First of all, I have a large variety of tanks I play. Lights, meds, TDs, and even heavies and arties. However, that doesn’t mean I only play the Type 4 and an unnamed arty you still have no freakin’ idea about.

                    Then, how is driving an artillery a derogatory term? It means I not only take on the role of what many hate, but openly saying that I am an arty player means that I am proud of it! So mocking me will only make me laugh at you and your pathetic hate of anything you cannot grasp with your mentally impaired mind!

                    As for the Type 4 Heavy, tell me. Have you ever played the thing? Do you know how much grind it is to even just get there? And then, after all the pain you had to suffer, you get insta-gold ammo’d, because people seriously don’t know how to combat a fucking super heavy tank?

                    Clearly, for your retarded little mind it must be a a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma that the FRONTAL ARMOR OF A SUPER HEAVY TANK IS TOUGH TO PENETRATE so instead of going around or doing a maneuver THAT REQUIRES A BRAIN AND THINKING you instantly switch to gold!

                    But I digress. Your lack of intellect gives a clear picture of what sort of player you must be.
                    I see no point in continuing this, I have said my words.
                    So take my advice and shut the fuck up unless you exactly know what you are talking about.



  6. This was interesting reading indeed :D i like the upcoming buff of AP on E-100 cuz i play it with 128 mm just for the pene cuz i hate gold ammo thats all :D and I play GWTiger P and a geraman super heavy and im mad that every one shoots my turret with gol too :D and i dont think that is something i cant say out loud


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