Speculation: Mysterious Tank (NA)

WGNA shared this image on the official forums:

We say it’s either the Chrysler K T25 Pilot No.1 or the T26E5.

They also shared this video:

What do you think? Tell us in the comments!


31 thoughts on “Speculation: Mysterious Tank (NA)

  1. Chrysler K ? Seriously ?

    More like the T26E5… the tracks seem to have the additional grousers or whatever it’s called (like by the in-game M4A3E2 Jumbo).

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  2. Everyone on the NA forums/server all know it’s the t26e5. Looks like it’s a POS. Wish this was a medium tank and not a heavy. At least if it was a medium it would be a better medium then the SP.


    1. 150mm upper plate. vs 101mm on pershing
      230 pen 90mm gun. with more dpm than m26 pershing

      turret isn’t as good as T32 but effective armor of the mantlet is alot better than pershing. reliable to all but tier 10 TD 300+ pen guns flat on.

      its good.


  3. Definitely looks like the T26E5 to me. Awesome! After seeing the Chrysler K, I was worried this thing was just gonna get scrapped. Glad to see it wasn’t, as this thing looks pretty fun (coming from someone who absolutely loves the Jumbo Sherman, enough to 3-mark it… No, that doesn’t mean I played it well, I just got lucky a lot 😂)


    1. I had hoped that when they announced the american medium line reorganization that we could possibly get at least 3 medium lines out of the existing 1 and a half (armor, mobility and autoloader, possibly even a 4th with unique traits) and for that the T26E5 was required, now that it has been announced as premium I’m guessing the medium line will remain the same


  4. that’s definitly the 90mm M3 gun muzzle brake and that leaves us with a little number of “otpions”:
    >>standard M26 (T26E3) painted with the american flag (like how the new french premium is painted with the french flag)
    >>T26E5, but wasn’t it leaked first with the M3A1 and now with the T7E1 90mm guns?
    >>M26E2, different engine from standard M26 and (painted in american colors, like the T26E3)

    since I doubt it could be a standard version of the M26 with special painting, because those are already ingame as modifications for the M26, it can only be the T26E5
    of course the 90mm M3A1 would have a different muzzle brake (similar to the 90mm T54 from the M46) from what they have shown in the “leaked” renders, but since now they seem to have changed it for the T7E1 it should have the same muzzle brake as the M3 gun just like in the images

    I’m guessing it’s simply the T26E5 and that’s sumply part of their publicity strategy, since it had already been leaked they simply wan’t to generate interest in the players to “help” them decide wether or not to buy the tank, but that doens’t exclude the possibility of being a T26E5 with the american flag painted on it


  5. most likely T26E5.
    If the pic and video shows same tank, then its seems its using torsion bar suspension and not HVSS, while T25 have a HVSS suspension.


  6. Actually, now that I’ve watched the video…
    “WG NA has had a tank approved” plus the title on the screen shot…

    It’s got to be a “Patriot Patton/Pershing”…
    it will have a horrendous Stars and Stripes paint scheme & probably have a bald eagle as a crew member…

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  7. :) it’s the ultimate variant of the walker bulldog, the infamous Black Dog. Jingles dropped the ball a few vids ago, can’t remember which one, but I saw it last week, there you can see this beauty in action. And it’s a beast ;)


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