AMX M4 mle. 49 Coming on RU & Micropatch

AMX M4 mle. 49, Tier VIII French Premium Tank (Heavy) will be available on the Russian Server from 21th October to 7th November. Maybe it will come on the other servers too? We’ll wait and see.

Maintenance work will start on the RU server on 20 October.

6:00 to 6:45 (GMT): servers will be unavailable.

Some technical features will be fixed in this micropatch.


12 thoughts on “AMX M4 mle. 49 Coming on RU & Micropatch

  1. My money are ready – been waiting for 1-2 years since they showcased the model… It will be ridiculously expensive ofcourse :-(


  2. “Some technical features will be fixed in this micropatch”

    hmm, so more quite secret gun penetration or accuracy behind our backs nerfs?
    Even more Map nerfs on even more bushes not working, or 6th sense not working or sometimes works.

    cant wait!


    1. Let me guess, you don’t even have 50% winrate.

      How can you say 6th sense isn’t working, or accuracy/penetration nerfs were done?

      Do you have any proof or is that all your feeling after you get salty?

      What are those “map nerfs”? Bushes not working is most of the time you exposing part of your tank outside of the bush, although I admit some bushes work a bit dodgy.


      1. To be honest there were bushes in the past confirmed as not giving any camo bonus.

        Btw. “Some technical features will be fixed in this micropatch” feels like a joke on a news server like this.


        1. You’re correct, not every bush gives the same camo rating, some of them do not provide any, bushes are actually boxes so there might be some issues with part of the tank sticking out of the bush.
          Here is also some testing of how much camo different bushes + trees provide.

          But when he says “even more bushes not working”… bushes that are known and used still work as good as always, there are no changes/nerfs to bushes as that guy implied.


        1. Unlike you I am not blaming everybody else but rather trying to look at my mistakes, whether it’s game or life. You should try it instead of being a salty bitch :P


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