WoT: Global Map Emblem Change

Source: WG

On October 13th, we released a new version of the Global Map in order to improve its performance.

However due to this update a different emblem will be used to be displayed, hence we offer all clans created before October 13th at 11:00 CEST to get a one time only free emblem change with no time limit (which means you can change your emblem now or in 3 weeks, the offer still stands).

Make sure you have all emblem sizes uploaded!


21 thoughts on “WoT: Global Map Emblem Change

  1. On October 13th, we released

    Waitwaitwait. ‘released’? That is in past tense… but today is the 12th of October… is this a message from the future?!



                    1. Pissing me off?
                      No, rather you make me think, what sort of demented person must be behind this name, who you really could be, and most importantly, what made you to be the way you are.
                      Killed parents?
                      Killed pets?

                      Something along the lines.


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