WoT Merchandise Robbery

In Ekaterinburg, a thief stole 3 tank models of the WoT brand and a phone powerbank. The cost of the goods was 4,5k RUB (approx. 65€).
“The customer asked the salesman for 3 models, and while packaging them, he asked for another. While the salesman was away to get the box, the customer ran away” – store administrator Mikhail Bogolybov said.
The police have questioned the salesmen and took fingerprints from boxes.
“I was quite surprised” – Bogolybov said – “the WoT production is quite popular, but I’ve never seen anyone stealing it”.
He said that the theft was impudent.
“The customer was well-behaved, so the salesman had no idea of his true intentions. The cost is, of course, not insignificant, but we treat the incident with humour – online games rarely stimulate jogging” – Bogolybov noted.