A micropatch was announced for today, it’s supposed to fix some technical bugs and also a spotting problem (bushes/trees not giving proper camouflage coefficient)

NOTE: it is a server micropatch.


16 thoughts on “Micropatch

  1. So the bushes really were doing nothing!
    It was strange how they spotted me sitting behind 8 meters of solid bush in Fiery Salient.
    Those bastards.


    1. Yeah. It was obvious some retarded bullshit was going on with the spotting system. That the bullshit is that brown, is beyond expectation.


      1. You know, I just want to know one thing.
        Why do they have supertesters and then public tests of an upcoming patch if they can’t freakin’ realize these retarded mistakes?
        How do they even do this anyway??


        1. I suppose making one of these deep learning nets to automatically check the whole game every patch would be a bit too much.


          1. Or hiring competent players to test their crap when a new patch rolls in, actually frikkin’ testing the things that were changed, on all maps!
            I mean, how hard it is to realize that if they are screwing around with the spotting system, there will be problems, so they should test if the spotting works properly in all circumstances, including bushes?!

            This is either a new level of incompetency, or a despicable level of stupidity, and I don’t know which one is the worst.


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