WoT Blitz Coming on Steam

World of Tanks Blitz will be released on Steam until the end of the year.
The game has got its own page in the service. There is support for 17 languages.
And now the most interesting thing – the game will be released on Windows 7 too!

Minimum system requirements (Windows):

* OS: Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1
* Processor: 2 GHz
* Memory: 2 GB of RAM

About the game:

Players will enjoy the variety of tactical possibilities, realistic graphics and more than 200 legendary war machines, divided into four classes: the TD, light, medium and heavy tanks (Seb: NO ARTY). Each class has unique playing characteristics and features its own individual fighting style.
Join the ranks of fans of the game on Steam, and fight in a unified gaming universe, where you are waiting for players from other platforms: iOS, Android, Win10 and Mac OS X.

STEAM LINK: http://store.steampowered.com/app/444200/


24 thoughts on “WoT Blitz Coming on Steam

  1. with windows 10 u could already play wot blitz. the fun part about that, is that you play against people using their mobile. i can see how putting wot blitz on steam is a tactical choice to counter this problem.

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    1. cant really blame them. world of tanks was made at the time with a budget engine. now that they are swimming in money, you can really see the fruits of their descision to let mobile versions, or even the console versions, run on different or more advanced engines.


          1. As if I was bragging or trolling all the time, unlike someone, Woras.
            There is ONE thing I am proud of in my entire life, and that is my knowledge of the English language. You make a joke of that, you seriously offend me.

            Stop being a cunt.

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            1. Clever people dont get offended. Now what are you hinting at? :D

              Looks like your english language knowledge luggage is quite jumbo.
              Eh, imma go for some wood to woodchuck who would chuck wood.
              Also, my bike doesnt stand on its own, Its two tired.
              Do dictators dictate what to write to dictionaries?

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              1. You don’t need to be dumb to get insulted by something.
                What if you dearly respect your mother, and someone tells you that she is a cock sucking whore?
                Would only the people with lower IQ feel insulted by this?

                Oh, so you are just trolling again, well, fuck that.
                There are not many things that can piss me off, ridiculing my English knowledge is one of them.
                Stop your nonsense.

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                1. “Your mother is cock sucking whore”
                  “Says the one whose mother been in all beds of town.”

                  Nope, not insulted.
                  Usually when such pretty talk is thrown out is caused by aggression – and you respond probably with aggression.

                  And why the hell would you fight with people? You never know what might happen.

                  And still – wtf is ponder? Pond, er, yonder, pond over yonder.



                  Zefy is Shifu.


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