WoT Console: Japanese Behemoths Roll Out with Two New Maps!

Get ready to throw around some serious weight with nine new Japanese tanks starting October 6. Give ’em a try on the new maps “Heilbronn” and the “Rain” variant of Karelia!

Imperial Heavy Strike


Type 89 I-Go / Chi-Ro, Type 91, Type 95, O-I Experimental

Japan’s heavy tank line starts with the tier III Type 91. Use high-explosive (HE) and armor-piercing (AP) rounds for great effect, but take account of its unsloped armor; a common trait among low-tier heavy tanks.
The O-I Experimental is when things start to get interesting… and big! This tier V heavy tank dwarfs the KV-1 and KV-220-2, and more than matches them in firepower with a selection of brutal guns and howitzers.



O-I, O-Ni, O-Ho

Move over KV-2 — there’s a new group of HE-slingers in town!
You’ll really feel the weight of Japanese heavy tanks with these beasties, and not just because they have some of the thickest armor in the game… but because of their massive guns, too. Speedsters they aren’t, but you’ll rarely be outgunned.


Type 4 Heavy, Type 5 Heavy

The German Maus and E 100 were once the largest tanks in game, but that’s all changed thanks to this pair. The Type 4 and 5 have thick unsloped armor (think KV-4 on steroids), and unlike their predecessors, the double mini-turrets on their hulls are missing, forcing enemies to aim for other weak points.
Shrug off the failed attempts to penetrate your armor, then rip them to shreds with massive caliber guns.
With all these additions, this combined weight added to the game is, let’s say… over 9,000!

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New Battlefields


This battered German city has a river splitting it, and mountainous terrain to the east. If you venture directly into the town, or across the hills, stay on alert — the enemy could be anywhere!

Karelia – Rain

Last update, we introduced a map with a freaking typhoon, so a little rain on Karelia won’t stop this battle!
See if you can capture the southeast area to control the sniping opportunities. Or flank north — just stay clear of the middle, as the shallow water will slow you down.