Kranvagn Initial Stats

Tier X Swedish Heavy.

HP: 1900
Max speed: 60 / 18 km / h
Hull turning speed: 25 °/s
Turret turnign speed: 20 °/s
View range: 390 m

Alpha Damage: 400
Penetration: 242
Magazine reload time: 35 s
Rounds in magazine: 4
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,36
Aiming time: 3,0 s

More pictures:


18 thoughts on “Kranvagn Initial Stats

    1. Looks like a worse 50b. I cant imagine the Turret armor is that great. I know the hull was very thick but so was the 50b`s.

      If this gets -8 or more depression + Turret armor it could be worth it, otherwise its meh.


    1. At least 180mm becouse the tier 8 Emil has 180mm of turret armour, it also has at least 12° (maybe 15°) of gundepression and 145mm of hull armour, so not that bad…


      1. How the hell does a Oscillating turret have -15 degrees? The cradle would have to be huge. Also the Hydraulics would have to stabilize so much weight, it seems highly unlikely. The US had the best turret designs for these types IMO and they were -9 at best.


        1. Look at the pictures, the front and the side of the turret isn’t oscillating on the Swedish tanks. The gun and reloading mechanism at the rear is in a way suspended in the strong turret armour. At the front there is a gap in the armour for the gun to depress and elevate (the gun still has armour attached to it so it won’t be an easy pen just because of the gap in the normal part of the turret)


  1. IDK the stats look kinda disjointed, it turns (both hull and turret) slower than IS-4, doesn’t have any side armor I think and low HP so no matter how good it’ll be frontally it ain’t a brawler, gun looks horrible – 2nd worst pen of all T10 tanks, bad aimtime, mediocre accuracy, bad DPM, worst T10 HT viewrange.

    It is early and all stats are not present but I just don’t have a clue what I’d do with this tank, brawling is limited, sniping is limited, T57 is better “I’ll wait for someone to shoot and clip him after” kind of tank… And most ridgelines are mid to long range, hard to work because of the gun and close range ridgelines – you can get rushed easily.


  2. Full stats:

    It seems f***ing terrible in my eyes
    – Worst HP and view range of all tier 10 HTs
    – Pen is 242/310, just ewwww
    – Dispersion values suck
    – 4 sec intra clip reload, just, wtf?
    – No other gun choices
    – Hull isnt amazing, upper plate is 95mm and probably at autobounce angle but hull is so low that rip hull armor against anything with depression
    – Traverse speed is shit, cant play like a medium

    Only good things about it is turret armor (that becomes good only when using depression), top speed (that it probably struggles to reach) and depression.

    Seems like WG has a fetish to have one tier 10 HT that is complete potato. First E100, then they make gold ammo for credits, shotly after they bring 113, then they buff it and bring Type 5, and now they are gonna buff Type 5 so Kranvagn is here to be new potato.

    GJ WG i had high hopes for this thing and i wanted to grind hard to it but now? LOL nope, not gonna waste my time. I will go up to tier 8 in this line (its ugly af but it seems very good actually). Im getting more interested on TD line, anyways…


    1. No!! I want to get angry at anything that WG does!! How fucken dare they test things!! There shouldn’t be need for testing, everything should release perfect!!! Arrrrghhh!!

      -typical forum/blog pubbie

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