Version 9.16: Vehicles and Crew Recovery

Perhaps many of you have regretted selling a Premium tank, only to have to submit a ticket and wait to get it back. If this sounds familiar, then you’re in luck! We’ve been working on a tool that will make these decisions easily and quickly reversible.

Starting with Update 9.16, you won’t need to contact the Customer Service Centre to claim back your accidentally sold tanks and dismissed crew members. Actually, you won’t even have to close the game client to fix the mistake: just a few clicks right in the Garage is all it takes to return a precious vehicle or crew member to you with their combat statistics, medals, skills, and perks.

While work on the update is in its final stages of testing and bug squashing, we’d like to give you a heads-up on the how’s, what’s, and where’s of this new feature. Let’s get to it…

Study the List

To kick things off, let’s talk a bit about the content you can recover.

Following the release of the update, you will be able to get back crew members as well as Premium and Special-event tanks dismissed and sold after the launch of version 9.16:

  • Crew members with at least one skill or perk, or enough experience points to acquire one:
    • Can be recovered for free up to 48 hours after they have been dismissed, or for 60,000 credits up to the first 30 days
    • Condition: you must have enough available bunks in the Barracks
  • Premium tanks – Absolutely all vehicles that can be purchased with Gold in-game:
    • Can be recovered up to 72 hours after they have been sold
    • Condition: you must have an available Garage Slot
    • Buyback cost in credits: the selling price +10%*
  • Rare tanks – Special event vehicles: Premium tanks given as rewards for missions and other competitions including campaigns on the Global Map and those that used to be sold in the past, but are currently not available for purchase:
    • Can be recovered at any time, provided that there are enough credits to buy them back – any Rare tank can be recovered once every three days
    • Condition: you must have an available Garage Slot
    • Buyback cost in credits: the selling price +10%*

*Example: If you purchased a Premium tank for 10,000 and then sold it for 10,000/2×400 = 2,000,000 (selling vehicles gives you half of their value in credits), recovering it will cost you 2,000,000 + (2,000,000×0.1) = 2,200,000. This formula is permanent, and Special offers and discounts do not apply.

If you don’t have the required sum of credits, but have enough Gold to buy the necessary amount, you’ll be offered a chance to convert them.

You still have to be careful though, because quite a few vehicles can’t be recovered:

  • Non-Premium tanks
  • Vehicles that were taken away by the Customer Service Centre
  • Premium tanks if their recovery period has ended
  • Rental tanks credited for the completion of battle missions if their rental period has ended


Upon confirming that the vehicle you wish to restore fits the criteria, you can send it back to the Garage by choosing this option in one of the following windows:

  • The Tech Tree

  • The in-game Store

When recovering a vehicle via the Tech Tree, right-click and select “Recover the vehicle”. There you’ll find the buyback cost and the timer telling you how much longer the recovery will be available.

If you don’t have enough credits, you’ll see a notification at the bottom and the sum you lack in brackets right next to “Recover the vehicle”.

Once you have everything you need, simply left-click “Recover” and confirm the action to send the vehicle back to your Garage.

If you prefer to do it via the Store, start by choosing “Recover with credits” in the drop-down menu on the “Vehicles” tab and choose the vehicle types to build a selection.

A list of available vehicles will appear with their buyback costs and recovery periods. Left-clicking one will transfer you to the vehicle window where you can claim the vehicle back.


Starting with 9.16, every time you choose to dismiss a crew member you’ll be informed whether they can be recovered upon dismissal or not.

Dismissed crew members are recovered through the “Dismissed” checkbox in the Barracks. Hovering the cursor over a specific member will open their personal record with their recovery period and cost.

To get someone back into action simply click “Recover” and confirm this action in the pop-up window.

The Dismissed buffer can fit no more than 100 people. When it’s full and you’re about to send another crew member there, you will receive a notification that they will replace whomever has been there the longest.

Once restored, crew members are no longer assigned to a certain tank, but worry not – this can be fixed in no time: just play at least one battle with the crew you’d like and the settings will return to what you’re used to.


15 thoughts on “Version 9.16: Vehicles and Crew Recovery

  1. What does this mean?

    It sounds like you can use this feature to retrain crew to different tanks…………

    “Once restored, crew members are no longer assigned to a certain tank, but worry not – this can be fixed in no time: just play at least one battle with the crew you’d like and the settings will return to what you’re used to.”


    1. That’s how I read that section as well.
      Will they still have the vehicle class assigned, heavy, light etc or completely reset?
      This could be interesting…


      1. Yeah, i can see this being a big exploit that gets closed quick.

        The big concern i have though is the comment about the crew needing a full skill/exp to get one. I wonder if “excess” xp are lost when dismissed.

        It is almost something I want to test with a 1 skill crew person…..


  2. Finally Paris office woke up and started doing something useful on the portal. I mean, nobody reads manuals anyway *insert overly manly man meme* but it’s nice that they are doing something atleast.


  3. It’s sad we can only recover sold rare tanks only after this patch, I would actually like to have back my Tetrarch. Stoopid me sold it long time ago. :(


      1. I would have already done that if I had the chance, I already had the one tank recovered in this ticket system way and it was my Type 59, so I can’t get the Tetrarch back.
        But thank you for the suggestion.


          1. This proves how shitty the EU servers’ mods are. Seriously we have it about the worse.
            Russians have everything, Chinese have more, NA has MeatheadMilitia and his squad, SEA has… well, best offers, and EU has shit.



  4. wonder how this system would be on NA considering NA players can get any prem tank sold no matter how long ago i got my super p back after i sold it 4 months before its first nerf


  5. Wow, and I thought NA was the bitch server. I just sent in the final ticket to recover 5 tanks I sold on purpose to buy stuff on sale. We get 4 Exceptions a year (that may die with this new system) and I only used 1 Exception to recover these:

    Hey there, NightmareMk9!
    Thanks for getting back to us
    AT 15A (U.K.) – 1,300,000 credits
    T28 Concept (U.S.A.) – 1,400,000 credits
    IS-3 (U.S.S.R.) – 1,350,605 credits
    M4 Sherman (U.S.A.) – 198,390 credits
    M10 Wolverine (U.S.A.) – 235,050 credits
    Total price: 4,484,045 credits


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