Player reveals new ammo type! (not to be taken seriously)

Source: Redditor WINTERBIT

I felt the need to share something actually funny :)


13 thoughts on “Player reveals new ammo type! (not to be taken seriously)

  1. You hit a blindshot – cheat.
    You destroy a module – aimbot.
    You hit 3 times in a row – aimbot.
    You hit a snapshot – aimbot.
    You fire and don’t get spotted – spotting hax.
    You fire inbetween buildings – wallhacks.
    You preaim where enemy pops up – treedown.

    Basically everything you do in a battle is a cheat nowadays :P

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          1. Playing arty too much quickly becomes boring because of the RNG.
            But this one shoots THAT fast (7.51s reload for me) and accurately you don’t have the time to get bored and laugh at penetrating hits/permatracking/salty reactions ^^
            Well it’s only my feeling.

            And I got my 2nd mark on an insane winning/lucky RNG streak, with about 80% wr and 1100 avg dmgs on 22 games


  2. I’m so going to miss cross team battle chat. Going to miss all of those lovely messages saying I was being reported for hacking. Or being called a gold noob in my kv5 by tier 9 heavies. Or me taunting artillery after I one clip all of them in their pig pen. Good times ;-)

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