On Adblock Usage

If ads really annoy you (heard from a friend that some annoying ones with sound appeared recently) you can turn AdBlock on for a while (a few weeks, until they hopefully disappear). Even if TAP makes less money. I want the reader’s experience to be the best.

Thank you.


28 thoughts on “On Adblock Usage

      1. ive started using adblock more recently mainly on youtube because ive seen that fucking google pay or android pay what ever its called ive seen i think 50 times in the last week half of the ads id seen were that ad and the song they play in that ads was driving me insane but thats youtube i typically whitelist sites like tap and i think ive only noticed 1 ad with sound so far although that could be down to my internet being too slow for it to be able to load.

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      1. I turned off Adblock for this site and youtube clip converter.
        On converter site its a gamble – when one only sound ad will come up? :D
        “Come on, come on….”
        “You have to be over 18 yea-”
        “THERE YOU ARE!”

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  1. only annoyign ads i find are the ones with sound….and the pop up ones

    thankfully i haven’t noticed either here(so far).
    plus i’m finding it funny to see WoT advertising here when your “supposedly” the villian for “leaking”.

    irony is the best comedy

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  2. i always use my brownsers vanilla, but the only thing that appears from me when i am here are “about these ad’s” but really no ad at all, and when i am in other sites i actualy see some AD’s, so maybe some localization problem or idk? it’s strange that the blog autoblock ad’s for me, without i even doing anything for that


      1. yup, i know, but i don’t use blockers or things like that, so in theory, your AD’s should show up, but magically they don’t, for some reason idk, since my brownsers are always vanilla without any add-ons.


  3. I get the sound playing ones all the time, my easy fix is just right clicking this tab and muting it, an option most people are un-aware of.


  4. Yep the one that turn into a video are very annoying and because i read tap waiting for the battle, i’m in the battle and suddently here Something about a stupid car for exemple …

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  5. i use adblock on everything.

    i even discovered something amazing. if you have regular adblock, you can even block blocks. no kidding. i go to a website, website notices i got adblock, it spams a fullscreen thing that says i cant continue futher as long as adblock is on. i right click on that, and i click on ‘block this ad’ and it blocks the block XD

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