VK 65.01 Stat Changes

According to Tank Inspector, the VK65.01 (supertest premium) got recently rebalanced. Old values between brackets.

Penetration: 106 (92), APCR penetration remains the same: 124
ROF: 15.226 (19.554)
DPM: 1678.7 (2150.9)
Reload: 3.932s (3.068s)
Aim time: 1.63s (1.92s)
Top speed: 30km/h (20km/h)
Reverse speed: 15 km/h (20km/h)

Thanks to Cr for sharing :mrgreen:


14 thoughts on “VK 65.01 Stat Changes

  1. i’d expect a nerf to its view range before its released.

    right now it has 360

    German meds have 320(t25 and pz3/4), 330(hydro), or 350(pz3k and pz4h)

    i know the tier 5 german ht has 360, but it balances that with bad hull, bad traverse, bad mobility. its a gun platform more than a tank.

    while this thing, while its gun is worse, has better traverse, armor, and even mobility. not to mention aim time.

    so i’d expect the view range nerfed to 310-330 (aka KV-1 or t1 heavy)

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    1. Personnally, I don’t think so.
      The tank as some major drawback to compensate its few strengths. Those 360m will only make it have a chance to see the ennemy while lagging behind. Meanwhile, the Tier 5 VK can combine its viewrange to a very decent gun. This one will snipe with 106mm pen. Ugh.
      The 65.01 will really need anything it can get to compensate the fact it’s an über slow brick which meets Tier6/7 tanks it has zero chance to pen/outrun.

      It would have been a very nice tonk with a preferential MM. But in its current state.. Hardly enjoyable whenever you won’t be top Tier.

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  2. So basically, they think that giving it slightly better pen, accuracy and top speed is a good compensation for taking away over 1/5 of its DPM with that relaod nerf.

    I hope they will fix this mistake. -_-

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        1. I know the guns are not 100% the same, but then you need 2x more lead on your targets if you are used to the L70. Thus it’s not gonna be rather friendly for most players. And god you need an edit function for this :P


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