WoWS: LIVE > 0.5.12 PT #1 changes

Thanks to Vaexa

Data changes


  • New Japanese destroyers and relevant modules added
  • Cruiser HMAS Perth and relevant modules added
  • Rudder shift mod. 3 added (also documented)
  • New ranked season flags added

Balance changes

Global changes

  • Tier 8-10 BB bow armour nerfed (32mm > 28mm) (this was documented; Tirpitz is exempt from this change)
  • Destroyer armour nerfed (this was also documented)
  • Tier 4-10 carriers: armour models changed very slightly


  • Kirov: armour model changed, bow armour buffed (13mm > 19mm)
  • Tier 6 cruisers (Aoba/Cleveland/Budyonny/Nürnberg/Molotov): bow armour buffed (13mm > 19mm)
  • Several tier 7 cruisers (Myoko/Pensacola/Shchors/Yorck/Indianapolis): bow armour buffed (16mm > 19mm)
  • Atlanta/Flint: bow armour buffed (13mm > 16mm)
  • Cleveland: superstructure armour nerfed (13mm > 10mm)
  • Khabarovsk: range nerfed (13040 meters > 11240 meters)
  • Nassau: ”short-range dispersion” max distance decreased*
  • Kaiser: ”short-range dispersion” max distance decreased*
  • Friedrich der Große: ”short-range dispersion” max distance increased*
  • Großer Kurfürst: “short-range dispersion” max distance increased*
  • Shimakaze: reload time buffed (7.0s > 5.71s)


  • 130mm B-2-U: reload time nerfed (4.62s > 5s) (used on Udaloy and Khabarovsk)

Economy changes

Disclaimer: things such as credit and XP payout are generated server-side, and this data is not held by the client. The new rewards for tanking and spotting are NOT documented here!
Fuel fee = base repair cost per-game (ie a fee you get just for hitting battle)
Max repair costs: maximum amount of credits you will have to pay for ship repairs (ie when ending a game with 0% health, in other words, dying)


  • Hosho/Langley: fuel fee increased (500 > 2000)
  • Zuiho/Bogue: max repair costs decreased (13000 > 12000)
  • Ryujo/Independence: max repair costs decreased (30000 > 29000)
  • Hiryu/Ranger: max repair costs decreased (53000 > 42000)
  • Shokaku/Lexington: max repair costs decreased (100000 > 70000)
  • Taiho/Essex: fuel fee decreased (70000 > 60000), max repair costs decreased (165000 > 82000)
  • Hakuryu/Midway: fuel fee decreased (100000 > 90000), max repair costs decreased (260000 > 140000)

Saipan is exempt from these changes as she already has lower costs (20500/44000 fuel fee/repairs)


These are not module prices, but prices per plane lost during battle.

  • Martin BM2: cost decreased (220 > 150)
  • Vought F4U: cost increased (800 > 1200)
  • Grumman F3F: cost decreased (320 > 220)
  • Grumman F6F: cost decreased (800 > 550)
  • Grumman TBF: cost decreased (800 > 550)
  • Grumman F4F: cost decreased (550 > 220)
  • Curtiss SB2C: cost decreased (1200 > 800)
  • Grumman F8F: cost increased (1200 > 1700)
  • Mitsubishi A7M1: cost increased (800 > 1200)
  • Mitsubishi A6M2: cost decreased (550 > 320)
  • Douglas SBD2: cost decreased (800 > 220)
  • Yokosuka B4Y: cost decreased (320 > 220)
  • Kawanishi N1K5-A: cost decreased (1200 > 800)

Miscellaneous changes

  • König: spectator camera angles fixed

Localization changes

  • Strings added for Commonwealth ships
  • Commonwealth captain names added
  • Commonwealth captain ranks added
  • Strings added for new crosshairs
  • Strings added for new rudder modification
  • Strings added for recruit-a-friend program
  • Strings added for new ranked season flags (”port” flag will be Wilhelmshaven, it appears)
  • Strings added for new IJN destroyers and their modules
  • Strings added for HMAS Perth and its modules
  • Strings added for new ranked season
  • Strings added for new voice packs

*: these changes should not significantly affect these ships’ accuracy, though you may notice FDG and GK are now more accurate at short ranges (while Nassau and Kaiser may get marginally less accurate at very short ranges).

A word on the cruiser bow armour changes

For the tier 7 ships, they’re basically meaningless: it simply means they won’t get overmatched by shells up to ~271mm in diameter anymore, instead of ~228mm.
Before you all flip your shit about Atlanta getting 16mm, not 19mm, it makes absolutely no difference as there is not a single gun in the game, to my knowledge, that sits between 228mm and 271mm.
For the tier 6 ships, it’s a little more significant, as they won’t be overmatched by 203mm/210mm/220mm guns anymore. In a handy dandy table:

Tier/ship Previously overmatched by Now overmatched by
6 ~186mm+ ~272mm+
7 ~229mm+ ~272mm+
Atlanta ~186mm+ ~229mm+