WoWS Q&A – 22th September 2016

Thanks to Babykim, EU

On the nerf of premium ships.

Background: This discussion pertains to the upcoming nerf of the Błyskawica and the Anshan, the details of which I am not familiar with (Chinese leak?). Apparently, the upcoming nerf will not be specific to the above two premium ships, but a systemic nerf that applies to all destroyers.

EDIT: The nerf applies to the armor, which may not be a decisive issue for destroyers.

Comment by JamesWhite:

1. We do not plan on nerfing premium ships, whether in ports or in online shops. All assumptions to the contrary are incorrect.

2. There still exists a probability that sometime in the future the circumstances will compel us to do something like that. In such cases we will compensate all owners with doubloons.

However, I would specifically like to emphasize the role of systemic nerfs, which apply to all ships of a given type or several types. For example, such systemic changes may pertain to the maps, shell penetration or spotting mechanics. The points 1 and 2 do not apply to such systemic changes.


9 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 22th September 2016

  1. *cough-back* WoWs not being WoT *cough-back*

    seriosly: when they do a systemic nerf to ALL ships of one class, I do have NO problem with such a change. this does not change the situation on a “sclass-wide” level for the ships. if they nerf specific ships, that is a whole different story.


  2. I’m pretty sure they did little nerfs on premium ships before but now with the armor viewer WG has to publish certain nerfs. Therefor the refund option.

    I really hope the Indianapolis will get a nerf so that I can claim the doubloons back.

    She is the only Prem. I’m really disappointed with.


  3. Well…. if any premium deserve nerf then it is Błyskawica and Tirpitz… And of course generalissimus Nicholai – but it is t-59 of Wows, so i doubt any nerf will be coming to stallinium armor.


  4. Oh yeah sure nerf blysk and anshan, don’t even bother LOOKING AT THE SAIPAN STATS

    Because, you know, it’s not like us Tier 7 CV players are suffering because of that broken tub amiright? …oh wait, there’s little CV players that play that high of a tier. Who am I kidding~~


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