Wargaming.FM interview with Slava Makarov

Thanks to Vlad for translating.

– Thaine Lyman is now leading our product group, he didn’t do tanks at first and we understood that he needs time to adapt, thus I was found in a dusty corner :)
The product group we founded started influencing the game since the beginning of the year.

– One can say that I influenced all patches this year, but not by much, though. Starting with 9.16, I had much more influence. I’m working with absolutely everyone right now. We have to fix legacy things etc.

– I haven’t driven the Type 59 for a while, need to try it.

– Sandbox should answer several questions. There are various end points which we can reach.

– We’ll do something about the in-game store interface sooner or later.

– We plan to fix many vehicles. It would be good to fix several things about Britain. There are ideas to change HESH mechanics. The Brits don’t work like we want them to, and we have to do something about it.

– The branch leading to the Maus will be worked on.

– There are extravagant ideas regarding the IS-4, but I cannot tell details. We want to give it – and other top tier tanks – their own mechanics to make them unique. The Swedes are the first step in this direction, and we’ll see if this works out fine.

– New matchmaker is a high-priority task, but will require quite some work.

– If we now introduce 2 SPG limit per battle, the matchmaker will just die.

– The speed of the T95 is being discussed. We want to do something about all slow tanks. But there are people against it.

 – LT branches are being worked on, extended to tier 10. They should come in 2-3 patches.

– Polish tree looks bad, not enough own tanks.

– There are thoughts about game modes, but we will not return historical battles or confrontation.

– Japanese Tiger is kinda meh.

– Why should we nerf IS-3?

 – We have a new MMO in development which is not in the 15×15 genre. If everything goes well, we can announce it before the end of the year. (Seb: most likely Excalibur if TAP leaks prove accurate)

– I never liked the renting of premium vehicles.

– Female voices are definetly no priority.

– Teamdamage will not be removed, I was always against this proposal.

 – Personal missions are high-priority and being worked on.

– We want to and will combat forbidden mods.

– I was always against tier 10+ tanks in the game and will not change my opinion.

– TOG II – you just don’t like the Implerialists. You just take the tank, turn on marching music and then it’s all right :)

– We’ll sadly have to continue to remove premium vehicles from being purchased freely. (reffering to vehicles with preferential MM)

– We had a discussion last week to promote players for battle count (e.g. rare vehicles). I won’t disclose the results.


31 thoughts on “Wargaming.FM interview with Slava Makarov

    1. Exactly! This is why the game is broken and will never be fixed. The WG devs are f.cking useless… if you compare the IS3 to, say, the Tiger 2, the IS3 could easily be a tier higher… But hey, why does it need to be changed?? They haven’t a clue…

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        1. thats like saying the t110e5 doesnt need nerfed n because mostly morons drive it both are op both need nerfed in some shape or from like the is3 right now makes all tier 8 mediums basically useless. its near as fast has far stronger armour more hp and way more pen on its gun why would you drive anything else at tier 8?

          its the jack of all trades master of everything… (true for the e5 and is3)


      1. Will gladly prove you wrong with my Tiger II … ;-)
        If put correctly the Tiger II can easily hold its own vs. IS-3 (and vice versa), so it more depends on player skill and how you operate the tank.


  1. “– We’ll sadly have to continue to remove premium vehicles from being purchased freely.”

    He’s talking about premium matchmaking vehicles.


      1. very true but the buffs to the is6 ended up overall being a nerf. ill explain what i mean. the amrour was buffed such a s a massive amount in hd that now instead of only having the occasional tank firing prem at it. now everything with less than 225 pen must fire prem at it which means they just get melted when their spotted.


        1. Actually i almost never use prem ammo vs IS-6 because that does’t fix anything.
          You just aim at view ports, roof top, left of the gun, under the frontal hatch or if you have about 190 pen you can try and shoot it’s upper plate or cheeks when angled.
          IS-6 is impossible to position properly to become impenetrable.

          The only reason IS-6 is seen as such OP monster is because people never learn it’s weak spots and so they panic when they see it. Then they will hit the “used to be weak spot” hatch and bounce, and then they shoot cheeks when is-6 isn’t even angled and such crap…
          And you can always load some gold and scare it off…

          I have IS-6 and it’s only fun against lower tiers or t8 retards


  2. – Why should we nerf IS-3?

    I don’t even. >: (

    – Female voices are definetly no priority.

    Yeah, well fuck you too.

    I feel like something is missing from here…. oh, right. The questions these answers were given to.



  3. Vk45a is a fun tenk, it shouldnt get removed. It is a fast HT excellent for supporting and I kinda like it. Vk100 is a slow tenk that has the same armor as the löwe. If I wanted to play slow thing the tiger II is good, but we need a faster german HT. Vk45a should be added as an alternative, not to be removed.


  4. The only reason people dont like the vk45a is because they are bad players and fail to utilize the mobility and gun handling of the tenk. Rather they want to rely on armor and high pen/alpha like all scrubs do. Vk45a is a high skill tenk, you need to know what to do to be able to use it effectively. I have higher average dmg in vk45a than in kv4, thanks to the better mobility and gun handling.


    1. It’s not mobile enough for all the weaknesses it has. The only real advantage it has is it’s lower plate not being a weak spot so you can bait idiots into wasting their ammo shooting it. And that’s about all it has. It’s piece of shit, really.


  5. lets see
    adding to the list of WG lies

    “want to make game balanced” nope…aparently their idea of balanced is BIAS-3 being OP
    “female voices” ……if mod makers can make 16 VERSIONS OF THIS. then WG has no excuse.

    and more and more.

    hey WG, heres an idea. get your nose out of stalin’s decaying ass and take a look at the state of the game.

    though at this point your nose is probably so full of stalin’s crap that your going to join him due to lack of air.

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    1. Don’t want to get into IS-3 discussion, but T32 turret is worse. The cupola plus flatter stripe that can be penned are bigger than IS-3’s overmatch spot.
      I was grinding T32 relatively recently and the amount of times I got penned into turret was unreal, definitely more often that IS-3 (perhaps also because IS-3 is more mobile and can wiggle more, making it harder to hit into the weakspot).


    2. the hull is weak.
      sure…if u got over 210 pen.
      otherwise your screwed
      oh w8, tier 6 and 7s dont get 210
      hell even lots of tier 8s dont have 210.

      and side armor? the lolz spaced that gets stronger the further away you shoot from or the bigger your tank (cause armor angled downward+shell drop = fk you

      how about weakspots?
      the 20mm side weakspot it had 2 years ago? nope. WG removed
      the lower plate being 150mm effective? nope. WG removed
      the top of turret hatch? its there, but its alot harder to hit now as its half as visable + partially covered by the mantlet

      well its at least got bad gun handling right?
      nope. its gun handling modifier during turret rotation is tier 10 med level.

      do you see why this thing is the tier 8 meta? (not part of the meta. it IS THE META)

      no other tank compares.

      and not all of us have the money or credits to spam enough gold to kill them when they are the MOST PLAYED TIER 8 and thus appear NON FKIN STOP.


  6. “the speed of the T95 is being discussed”

    Oh god yes please. Something needs to be done to help the T95. Its armor simply doesn’t justify all of its weaknesses, which include:

    -The terrible speed and maneuverability (another player and I discussed the fact that the historical engine was only for testing purposes, and a production vehicle would have had a much more powerful, er, powerplant)

    -obvious weak spots that are shell magnets (it’s not as bad as the Super Pershing, but I’ll go into games where Russian heavies repeatedly snipe my weak spots from 300+ meters and I don’t even block a single shot)

    -the horrific gun handling (so many shots dive into enemies’ tracks or the ground in front of them; there have been a couple of games where I would have lost fewer credits if I’d simply never fired the gun)

    -Did I mention the speed already? Even with fully trained clutch braking, if an enemy tank gets around your sides you’re finished. You simply cannot turn around fast enough to defend yourself. Most comparably armored vehicles in the game can turn much faster. Not to mention you just can’t get to any trouble spots fast enough. Either your team kills everything, or they all die and you’re left alone, which means you get flanked and die. The gun isn’t accurate enough for sniping, so the tank is left as little more than a filler on team lists.


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