M4A2E4 Sherman HD Model Pictures


12 thoughts on “M4A2E4 Sherman HD Model Pictures

    1. I think you’ll reconsider:
      E4 Sherman: Rather slow, bad armor & large silhoutte, plus T14 like bad gun. I know those days WG was all about “premium tanks are supposed to be worse than normal tank of that tier”, but this took it to a whole new level of bad.

      When it was released you could already tell the tank was underpowered and underwhelming. Not really a “reward” for thousands of games played in the WoT closed beta. I dont think the E4 stands a chance at all these days, unless you are willing to spam alot of apcr.

      The only thing this tanks can offer is being a rare tank for a collector.

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  1. it looks so cool its a shame i can never get one… (the regular sherman looks crap in comparison to this also looking at the regular m4 is it just me or is it a weird colour in comparison to the other hd americans like the m103 for example the sherrman looks lighter colour wise)

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  2. Alot of equipment for something that was merely experimental, though it’s easy to ignore the suspension and simply imagine it as a normal M4A2. Funny thing is that of all the cosmetics added they neglected the M2 Browning. Oh WG…

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  3. M4A2E4 got lots of attachments. are they (such as sub wheels) become space armors? and lower transmission cover is buffed to 114.3mm(4.5 inch) as historical?


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