Why You Should Try World of Warplanes (Free WoT Gold – EU & NA)

Hello everyone, today I will attempt to convince you that World of Warplanes is a game worth trying again. Why? Free gold (200), if you haven’t done the tutorial yet. Before we get to that, I’d like to say that the game improved a lot in the last few years, and that it’s more playable now.

High tier gameplay video:

Now, to the gold. If you do the tutorials (which are really simple to complete), you get actual gold awards that sum up to 200 gold.

NOTE: The gold will only be awarded if you have not done the tutorials yet. Myself, I haven’t played the game since 2013 and I still got 2 gold tutorials left to do. In case you cannot find the option (the battle type selector is located in the right side of the „battle” button), try playing a few random battles and a tutorial window will appear by default in the garage, asking you to play it.


Lesson 1 “Gunnery Practice”: 10 gold

Lesson 2 “Team Air Combat”: 20 gold

Lesson 3 “Ground Target Assault”: 150 gold

Lesson 4 “Dogfight Training”: 20 gold


Logging in is simple and is done with the WoT/WoWS account (Wargaming ID).

Link to EU WoWP Portal

Link to NA WoWP Portal

No ASIA. Sorry guys.

Enjoy the free gold! (yes, the currency is unified, unlike WoWS).


18 thoughts on “Why You Should Try World of Warplanes (Free WoT Gold – EU & NA)

      1. Well some people have shitty net and some dislikes that the game requires an hour or two to download and install. I know some people who will not play any game that is larger than a certain size, because downloading it means a lot of waiting.
        Same people spend their time playing League of Legends. -_-

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    1. Never again. I actually just tried it again a couple of weeks ago. Download took me less then 30mins. Anyway. It’s an ok game but in terms of flying I prefer WT.


  1. You seriously telling people to play the tutorial of this game for some gold that is equivalent to 1€? You gotta be kidding man…


  2. Agree on free XP: Did just 12k FXP yesterday due to 3 planes “having birthday” … overall in about one year since they introduced “birthdays for planes” I managed to get 200k+ FXP due to planes alone, which comes quite handy for WOT as a cross effect.
    WOT and WoWp have gold, premium time and FXP unified. Also, in WoWp FXP for crew XP conversion is now also available (1:5 just as in WoT).
    AND: you can get so called tokens while playing (certain medals or tasks to complete) – 150 token get you 30 days of premium account, which is repeatable.


  3. The planes’ maniability still looks so uncomfortably slow… Well, the same happened by WT at some point (or it’s just me since I didn’t play it since a long while now)


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