Why You Should Try World of Warplanes (Free WoT Gold – EU & NA)

Hello everyone, today I will attempt to convince you that World of Warplanes is a game worth trying again. Why? Free gold (200), if you haven’t done the tutorial yet. Before we get to that, I’d like to say that the game improved a lot in the last few years, and that it’s more playable now.
High tier gameplay video:
Now, to the gold. If you do the tutorials (which are really simple to complete), you get actual gold awards that sum up to 200 gold.
NOTE: The gold will only be awarded if you have not done the tutorials yet. Myself, I haven’t played the game since 2013 and I still got 2 gold tutorials left to do. In case you cannot find the option (the battle type selector is located in the right side of the „battle” button), try playing a few random battles and a tutorial window will appear by default in the garage, asking you to play it.
Lesson 1 “Gunnery Practice”: 10 gold
Lesson 2 “Team Air Combat”: 20 gold
Lesson 3 “Ground Target Assault”: 150 gold
Lesson 4 “Dogfight Training”: 20 gold
Logging in is simple and is done with the WoT/WoWS account (Wargaming ID).
Link to EU WoWP Portal
Link to NA WoWP Portal
No ASIA. Sorry guys.
Enjoy the free gold! (yes, the currency is unified, unlike WoWS).