Supertest: Strv 74

Tier: 6 MT
HP: 750
Engine: 340 hp
Mass: 26 t
Power-to-weight: 13,08 hp / t
Max speed: 45 / 20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 30 °/s
Turret turning speed: 37,5 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,959 / 1,055 / 1,822
View range: 360 m
Radio range: 710 m

Hull armor: 55 / 30 / ? mm
Turret armor: 20 / 20 / ? mm

Gun: 7,5 cm kan strv 74

Alpha Damage: 150 / 150 / 185
Penetration: 148 / 207 / 38
Rate Of Fire: 11,806
Damage Per Minute: 1770,9
Reload time: 5,082 s
Accuracy: 0,316
Aiming time: 1,73 s
Depression: -15

Armor Schematics:



More pictures:


22 thoughts on “Supertest: Strv 74

          1. that maus co-axle gun you mean?

            Now wouldnt that be an interesting Maus Buff.
            either blast away with a 128mm tier ten gun … and use that 75 while it reloads. (with a better RoF obviously)


      1. Tbh this tank is like perfectly made for hugging w̶a̶i̶f̶u̶, eh I mean redline.
        -Enough mobility to relocate when needed but not quick enough to take early aggressive spots or circle tanks and stuff. Just enough to move forward when you’re winning the flank or run away when losing it. Traverse is pretty meh aswell
        -No armor, and it’s pretty huge, so you can’t really go hulldown shaped terrain etc. Really limited brawling capabilities, I guess you can kinda brawl in hilly terrain but that’s about it. Again, like made for sitting in the back and letting others take shots.
        -Accurate gun, with good aimtime (I guess dispersion will be average or worse, so it won’t really snapshot well) and penetration. Like made for shooting at long ranges. DPM is not good enough to really kill tanks quickly when someone is rushing you. Where you don’t get rushed? On the redline.

        I’m really starting to see the pattern -.-


        1. perfectly made for hugging w̶a̶i̶f̶u̶,
          This, I like.
          i always knew you are a good guy, Woolgun!
          About the conclusion you drew: yes, quite. I guess I will not play this tank as much as I initially expected, I’m more of a brawler.


        2. You say no armor and yet i see a 45 degree conical Mantlet that doubles as 30 mm of spaced armor that is almost as big as the 30mm of turret face it covers. That combo will eat HEAT, AP, and APCR rounds all day.

          Add in 15 degrees of gun depression for even more bouncy action.

          That said …
          any HE that can splash beyond that mantlet will find lots of soft modules to hurt.
          In point of fact any HE strike anywhere else on this machine (aside from track) will pen for a fat pile of damage… if not outright one shot it. (130mm+ HE)
          Perspective? A Pz 4 mounting the 105 derp can strip 2/3 of its hp and then set the rest on fire or ammowreck with one shot of HE landing on the turret ring. and i can reload that derp and finish it off before Strv 74 fires that gun the 3 times it needs to kill my tank (presuming average damage rolls)

          all in all a big trade for a 75mm gun that has tier 8 pen, damage, shell travel times, accuracy etc. with the only thing making it “teir 6” is its reload speed. (because balance)

          But worth it when you become The Harvester of (superheavytonkdriver) Sorrows…

          … and season your fish dinner with their tears.


          1. 20mm sides of the turret, overmatched by almost everything it can meet. Completely negates the mantlet, because your armor is only as good as your weakspots are. If you go up close that is, at longer ranges it will be hard to hit it. Which supports my assumption this will be a sniping tank.

            Gun has tier 8 pen and damage? Please. Tier 8 guns have 240 damage(some have more) and 180-210 pen. It’s very good gun for tier 6 but loses out on DPM because of it.


            1. My bad. its been a while since a gave german medium mid tier guns a hard look.

              And this swedish gun reminded me of the 75mm L100 (a tier 8 gun) which for some reason i thought had 150 alpha. It doesnt.

              But here is my point.
              That Tier 8 7.5cm L100 gun may get 50 more pen (because it will see tier 9) and an overall DPM difference of about one extra round per minute.
              but otherwise that tier 6 swedish gun still has more accuracy and something like 30% less aim time.

              Compare and contrast to the german tier 5 and 6 equivalents the 75L48 and 75L70

              The tier 5 guns
              7,5 cm Kw.K. 40 L/48 110/158/38 110/110/175 16.67 0.39 2.3
              7,5 cm kan m/43 +5/-14/ 0 +40/+40/+10 RoF? Accuracy? Aim time?

              The tier 6 guns
              7,5 cm Kw.K. 42 L/70 150/194/38 135/135/175 14.29 0.35 2.3 1929.15
              7,5 cm lvkan m/36 -30/-46/0 +15/+15/+10 ? ? ? DPM
              (elite?) kan strv 74 – 2/+13/0 +15/+15/+10 11.806 0.316 1.73 1770.9

              Its not until the tier 7 Panther when you see a better 75mm gun and its a tier 8
              7,5cm Kw.K. L/100 +48/+50/0 0/0/0 13.64 0.32 2.3 1841.4


              1. Oh you’re actually looking at the tier of the gun? I don’t really see a point in that, what matters is what is the tier of the tank that mounts it.


                1. i look at the gun first because that is where WG starts the balancing process.

                  From historic documents we get
                  the machine’s general purpose for that country’s tank doctrine of the time (is it a light medium heavy td arty?)
                  a list of stock and upgraded guns
                  we get penetration characteristics
                  and base accuracy
                  and the shell caliber to determines alpha damage
                  this will determine what tiers the machine will see
                  Gun depression values get their start as well but arent set in stone untill modeling phase
                  Same for Armor values
                  turret and suspension traverse speeds
                  stock engines and their upgrades determine potential speeds

                  After this base line is determined only then are stats like view range, camo values, HP pools, aim times, dispersion values, ground resistence, and reload speeds for overall DPM are made up to make the vehicle fit within a particular tier and determined by both that stock and elite gun and the class involved.
                  the same gun (and its firing characteristics) you find on a td or maybe a heavy at teir 5 wont be on a medium until teir 6 or 7. On a scout, you would be waiting until tier 7-8

                  for the best example of this look at the AMX 13
                  Historically that one hull had so many different weapons slapped on top of it over its 30 yr production life that
                  WG balanced out 4 different scouts and and an arty from that one tank design and spread them across 3 different tiers. (originally as many as 5 but balancing tier 9-10 scouts was not possible)

                  The only differences between an AMX 13-75 and an AMX 90 in reality is the gun choice.
                  All the other stat differences in the 13-90 (camo, vision, Hit Points, gun handling, Ammo capacity, terrain resistance etc) and the 13-75 are made up to make each one fit within its tier.

                  You can see the same thing in the differences from the Panther at tier 7 and the VK 30.02(M) (which is in point of fact just the first 4 models of Panther) at tier 6. Panther gets more view range armor and Hit points with less camo and a crazy tier 8 gun because it sees tier 9s

                  Remove the elite tier 8 gun, some view range and a few hundred hit points from a Tier 7 tiger H and all of a sudden you got a tier 6 premium heavy. (for japan only. Because all wehraboo’s must suffer ;-)


    1. Would you rather it was able to pen tier 8 heavies with normal AP?
      With a bit of angling those tier 8 heavies can bounce those expensive gold rounds anyway.


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