Small WoT Micropatch

Today the game got updated on all servers.

Contents of the micropatch:

– Fixed display of lists of volunteers for Strongholds;
– Fixed display of the error “Action temporarily unavailable” on entering the Stronghold window
 – Rheinmetall Skorpion: radio range increased from 400m to 700m
– The Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2, available for supertesters, recieved an autoloading gun


7 thoughts on “Small WoT Micropatch

    1. if it is then that tank just got much more interesting to me :D (i dont have a single autoloader premium so id probably get one for the novelty factor and i wouldnt get that 50 100 style french tier 8 prem that leaked ages ago but has kind of disappeared since because i have a 50t)


    1. You know how WG works, when something needs buff/nerf, they do it….. 2 years late. Or never, and they let the tank sort of balance itself – everyone focuses it first/loads premium for it, alternatively everyone plays it.


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