Gamescom: WoWS Lootbox Mechanic

At Gamescom we were shown a new opportunity for World of Warships – WoWS Lootbox. Developers would like to implement this until the end of the year, but it may come at the beginning of next year. Nothing more is revealed! Will the gift boxes fall out for good games or if they will for ranked battles – or be only for purchase – not known. The particular box awarded 7 flags.


3 thoughts on “Gamescom: WoWS Lootbox Mechanic

  1. That’s a neat little mechanic that can really help with the grind !

    Just, big thing developers, if you read this blog, please please please allow us to open multiple boxes at once.

    AW has the same thing, and you need to open each box individually, playing the same 5 second animation and confirmation button each time. It’s a minor nuissance, but still damn annoying.


  2. If WoT dropped XP/Crew XP/Credit Boosters now and then I wouldn’t be mad one bit. I know NA gave ’em out like candy a while back, and I really learned to enjoy using them for a couple hours to get some grinds done.


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