Aimless Tank Gods – Episode 3

Hello readers,

Episode 3 up a little later than I had hoped, sony vegas and its random rendering issues.

Thanks to everyone willing to send their replays to me, replays for future episodes can be send to the same old e-mail:


Thanks for the support and I hope you’ll enjoy this one.

Shadyrush out


7 thoughts on “Aimless Tank Gods – Episode 3

  1. Take that, you sneaky little bastards! Thinking that some yellow bellied scoundrel sky cancer could kill me?



    Now only if the vid was longer. Well, more of my amazing tricks for the next episode!

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      1. Hey, I get to kill a mofo trying to sneak up on me every 5th battle in my G.W. Panther. Autoaim for the win. But yeah, that was serious luck.


  2. Okay this was average. Not good.
    Free camera at wrong angles;
    Too much focus on “meh” situations;
    Too little focus on “oh DAMN” situations;
    Some clips starts way too early;
    Some clips end way too late;
    Sounds levels are all over the place.


  3. Oh boy, that same thing of being stuck at nothing that happened with lukyCV happened to me in mine JP2, and seeing this again bring alot of suffering, considering my match got 3 enemy artys, and I was having alot of fun farming damage….. physics….


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