Q&A from gamescom

– Sweden did not actively participate in WW2, but in case of an attack, they could produce high-quality vehicles oriented on good armor;
– Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 – this vehicle is very diverse in its usage and can occupy different roles. The tank will be good for training a Swedish crew;
– There are currently more than 400 vehicles in the game and the developers try to diversify the game. A bright example for this is the new tier 10 Swedish TD – Strv 103B, which will bring a series of novelties. Which, we cannot say now;
– The new mode incorporates a real site from WW1 and we’re proud of this;
– We’re also presenting the Mark IV, carefully modelled, even with the assisting wheels at the back. You will not be able to play it though (it will be bot-controlled), but you will have other means to prove yourself in battle – you will have wheeled vehicles with high-caliber machineguns;
– For us, this will be a possibility to try out new mechanics as well as present new impressions to the players;
– If the wheeled vehicles recieve good feedback, we might implement some in the game, but no promises whatsoever;
– There will also be a unique garage for this event;
– We really like the Swedish national voices;
– Paris will come in 9.16;