Gamescom: Chieftain/T95 for WoT Console

Chieftain/T95 is coming for World of Tanks Console players.

Unfortunately, it was not said how it will be possible to get this tank, but it is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first tank. On the gun of the tank there is an inscription, which is a direct reference to the event.


8 thoughts on “Gamescom: Chieftain/T95 for WoT Console

      1. IRL it would have been much better. The Ford T95 proposal which the Brits took to add a turret had 110mm of layered “Glass” armor that was equal to 200% RHA vs HEAT and 130% vs Kinetic @ 65 degrees.

        So just off the slope its 2x the 220mm@LOS then added 30%= 286 UFP protection vs KE and 400+ vs and it was rated at 400+ for HEAT.

        Also, it had a X engine as a prototype based on the H-Block of the uber powerful Typhoons and Tempests making 1150 HP and was physically smaller than a V12.

        The T95`s in game are a travesty, low power, bad turrets, terrible hull armor and all because they can`t let it beat the Rus meds.

        E5 was supposed to have glass armor as well and inrl was only 120mm thick but ingame they made it 254mm at nose and 150mm upper to compensate for the lack of glass. So why not for the T95`s?


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