WoWS Q&A – 19th August 2016

Thanks to Carnotzet.

1. [Long question regarding Arkansas’ lack of AA] In brief: Why does Arkansas lack AA? She gets slaughtered in battles with two CV’s on both sides.

A. Because it is her weakness, which is counterbalanced by the fact she has access to all upgrade slots.

However, regarding CV’s at low tiers, you are correct, there is indeed a problem. We are looking into it.

2. Why isn’t there a permanent camouflage for Udaloi? Will she get one?

A. We did not find the time to create it yet. It is planned to be added in 0.5.11 though.

3. When will Polish national voice-over be added?

A. In 0.5.12.

4.a. When will you improve CV’s interface?

A. We are working on it. Truth be told, this task is far from being an easy one.

4.b Will you add new CV branches?

A. In the short or medium term, we will not. We have some long term plans though, but it is still too soon to speak about them.

5. Why aren’t there any heavy cruisers in the British cruiser line?

A. It is the concept we have decided for that line: light cruisers. We will add heavy cruisers as well, but at a later date.

Some of them may also appear as premium ships. In brief, do not worry, the completed “British tree” is planned to be interesting and diverse.


One thought on “WoWS Q&A – 19th August 2016

  1. Sounds interesting, but it looks like they are going to squeeze us for lots of money to get RN heavy Cruisers. AHH well. will have to work late at the Office. lol

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