Strv 74 HD Renders

Tier 6 Swedish medium (regular).



25 thoughts on “Strv 74 HD Renders

        1. Yeah, we had some pretty strict weight and width limits at the time. They had to fit on our narrow railroad and old creaky bridges (Remember, Sweden was a poor country at the time, post-WWII is what made us rich)

          When you are told that you need a tank that doesn’t have crew size restructions, good speed, a more powerful gun and at least 10 degrees of gun depression with a weight limit of like 18 tons you have to make compromises.

          I wouldn’t expect any armor at all until the heavies at t8.


  1. That sure is a sweet ‘n sleek looking model! Might dust of me old WoT account to get it after these get released (might gonna regret that decision though :”) )

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      1. Not really.
        I said it before, I don’t care at all if this or that nation gets added, as long as every possible tank, whether cut and paste, concept, modification, actual tank, or whatever gets added to the game.

        If 1 nation does not have enough tanks for a full tier 1-10 tech tree? Make a EU/Middle East/Far East/Americas (south and central and north) line.


    1. IIRC, that’s the TV-1.
      Doesnt excuse how hideous it is though… Strv 74 looks rather good though, when you realize it’s an outdated light tank with a big turret, anyway.


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