13 thoughts on “Stridsvagn 103, Stridsvagn 74 (on conputer screen) & Stridsvagn M/42 57 Pictures

  1. that TD looks so good.
    but i guessing its armor will be so low that the angles wont matter…..

      1. Because it should have 300mm armor all around angled at a whopping 5 degree?:D And by spaced armor you mean what? That thing stuck to the gun? Nah, that\’s just a garden fence :D:D:D

        1. well was talking about the spaced parts at the side, but the is3 have small tracks in its frontal armor that count as 30mm of spaced armor as far as i remember =P

          1. It doesn\’t count as spaced on IS-3 just more armor. No extra negative effect on HEAT etc.

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