Hybrid Wars: More Info + Pictures

WG Labs (Wargaming Division) has announced a new game – Hybrid Wars.

The game is due out later this year. We are waiting for the details at Gamescom 2016.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/411540
Website: http://hybridwars.ru/

In 2060, humanity is on the cusp of the second technological revolution. Earth has become a tangled web of information, energy and transportation networks watched from orbit by thousands of electric eyes. Sprawling cities, vast spaceports, and immense military complexes are dominated by tanks, choppers and variety of other machines that rule land, sea and sky. While corporations still pull the strings that control the world, their grip is starting to weaken.

Hybrid Wars lets you command and upgrade your own arsenal of futuristic mechs to take on wave after wave of enemy forces. Jump into a classic top-down shooter experience as you obliterate over 50 types of enemy and team up with friends to cause more mayhem. Harness an arsenal of diverse machines—tanks, robots, helicopters, and the mighty titans—to rise to the top of the food chain. With 8 huge locations to explore, over 150 objectives to complete, and multiple game modes—from single player story to cooperative — Hybrid Wars immerses you in a future where those with the quickest wits and biggest guns survive.
Choose your combat vehicle and start your fight for the future now.

Machines Engage


  • Discover multiple game modes
  • Dive into up to 15 hours of gameplay
  • Explore and conquer 8 huge, open-worlds
  • Overcome 150 challenging objectives
  • Earn 40+ rewards
  • Wield 2 diverse heroes
  • Command 4 dynamic types of vehicles: tanks, robots, helicopters, titans
  • Defeat 50+ types of enemies
  • Vanquish 8 powerful bosses
  • Lock and load with 20 types of weapon
  • Harness 28 additional abilities for each hero and vehicle type










8 thoughts on “Hybrid Wars: More Info + Pictures

  1. Kinda reminds me of Halo: Wars.
    I wonder how this will turn out. Great concept, promising pictures showcased, possible future to develop towards… What\’s the catch?
    P2W? WG fucks up at the last possible second?
    I don\’t even know anymore.

    1. It looks like it will be a paid game, like masters of Orion, and the game is just financed by WG, they are not the ones making the game.

      At least as far as i know. Btw probably this will be a top down shooter.

      1. Sooo, it will be just a basic Sky Cancer game. Where can I get the Battle Assistant mod? 😀

  2. playing vs bots, the same as WOT, only this time the bots will only be at the enemy team

  3. It looks coolish, nice to see Wargaming is branching out to paid games and just Fremmiums. Good investment for their future to have their WGLabs develop games that will be pay to play. Hopefully they don\’t turn into the company that sells DLCs for 50$.

  4. This reminds me alot of L.A.P.D. future cop on the playstation 1 which i still love to this day. if this game is anything like that i will buy it

  5. Looks a lot like second game ever I played on PC – cant remember the name.
    Also isometric and with hovertank 😀

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